Monthly Archives: December 2010

We Are Open my dear OopsPiniors! Lovely Lovely Lovely people welcome our first campaign in NYP! Do leave a space for us in your Bookmarks!

Well my pretty and handsome OopsPiniors, gather up your camera phones and cameras to snap pretty or ugly photos of people around you, post it on Facebook and tag @Oopspinion and tell us your opinions!
Well everyone knows that X’mas is coming, but have you thought of what to wear? What to give? If not, here’s just the right place for you!
Read our weekly posts of Fahion Dos and Don’ts, give us your comments, and get all the juicy tips for great cheap buys.
Do like us on our Fanpage in Facebook, participate in our “Snap Shot Fashion”, and you’ll win a 50% off discount on stores like “Fashion Playground” and “Sam-Y” to get cool accessories and customize your own Tee-Shirt.

Put on your best outfit because you’ll never know who’s the next one on our blog.

With Love,