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Hello oopspinors!

How’s everyone getting? We are so sorry about the lack of updates. School works are piling up. Arggghhh. But our souls are always with oopspinion!

Still remember the What’s in My Bag series we were talking about in the previous post? Yes, it’s here! Who do we have here with us in the first post of this new launched series?  

Bi Nan and her bag! She used up all her saving to make this bag hers.

The inside of her bag. Looks cramped, but neat though. Is every girl’s bag as neat as hers?

Then we realised she has a mini pillow in her bag! Is it a pillow or…?

It’s a recycling bag in disguise! How cool is that? All of us should seriously, bring a recycling bag wherever we go. Do you experience this: many times we go out with no intention to shop but will always end up with plenty of things on the way home. You do not want to waste any bags but you do not want to dump your newly bought item into your bag just like that either. Yes, all recycling bags should be as adorable as this one to save us all the trouble!

Come to the most interesting part: checking out the make up pouch!

Wow. Look at this:

Do you avoid carrying too much cosmetics when you head out? There are a few things which we think you should not leave home without it.

1) Lash glue (for those who wear fake lashes). You should totally be a fan of this brand as well! We tried before and it was really good, it is waterproof, sweatproof or whatever you call it.

2) Face powder (pressed or loose, up to you!). You need it because all you need throughout the day is some light touch up. Imagine smacking tons of foundation all over your face for a few times. We are sure to see some lines when you smiled.

Just before we decided to end the day, we had new discovery! We found this little paper fan in her hidden compartment! Bi nan is sure a well prepared girl when she goes out! Umbrella for rainy days, and a fan for sunny day!

In our next post, we are going to peek into Bernice’s bag!

Will we find some used tissue? Or dirty make up pouch? You never know!




Hello Oopspiniors!

So sorry for not updating for the past 2 days! We were caught up with work! Today, we have an awesome video to share! Although it might seems a little NO-NO-FASHION. But it sure brings us good laughter! And there are some good buys in it!

Here’s the link as we have error posting it up here: Check it out and see how much you can buy using $100! :):):)

 We will definitely do a shopping trip before CNY to teach you on how to do a last minute shopping! So stay tune!


Hey dearest Oopspiniors!

We are proud to launch this new series! Which is “What’s in My Bag”, it simply showcases what do girls bring eveyday! Or sometimes, guys.

We are going to check out those girls (including us) bags in hope to get some juicy secret! You can also join in the fun! You can take pictures of what’s in you and your friends’ bags, tell us what’s inside, and tag us the picture!

It’s all about us having fun peeking in our friends and our bags. Don’t be surprise if you find some dirty tissue or few years old receipt! Some girls are lazier then you imagine. *wink*

So do comment and tell us what you think of this event! Cuz tmr we will be showing you what’s in OUR bags!

See You Very Soon,

Dear Oopspiniors!

As for today, we are giving you tips on clearing your wardrobe for new year! Spring Cleaning of course, means you will have to throw away those things that you do not use anymore. But we hereby give you an idea to save up and reuse some of the old clothes that we are not wearing anymore! 

 Turn Your Old Tee-Shirt into a Bag!

Yes! It’s THAT SIMPLE! We got this idea from, so you guys can all go check it out for other cool DIY ideas!

Firstly, we have to stock up duct tapes, in this case, we used 2 1/4 rolls of duct tapes! One old tee-shirt, staples, and a pair of scissors. How easy.

 Step 1) Get a Cool Old Tee Shirt

Step 2) Cut Off the Sleeves of the Tee Shirt

Step 3) Turn the Tee-shirt inside out and Mask it with Duct Tape all over

Step 4) Trim away excess tape

Step 5) Trim the neckline to a “U” or “V” shape collar

Step 6) Staple the bottom

Step 7) Flip inside out

Step 8) Enjoy your masterpiece!

Yes, just 8 simple steps! You can create a BAG for yourself!

Try making it and tell us your Opinions! Because Oopspinion is all about sharing your opinions! We have uploaded the pics of the tee shirt bag we’ve done on Facebook! Check it out!


Hey fellow Oopspiniors, as promised.. We have surveyed more guys to find out what they love on a girl! Here are the top 3s selected!

3) White Tee with Tight Jeans

The key to this outfit is to be fitting! Wear a fitting plain white tee-shirt, match it on with a skin tight jeans, guys prefer it to be black or indigo, top it on with heels! Yummy Sexy! It will be cool and chic, yet comfortable and not too attention grabbing. Be sure to get a pair of jeans and a plain white top girls! Because those guys out there just can’t resist them! Or should we say can’t resist you in them!

2) Black Tee With Skirt

Yes. Any kind of Skirt. From denim skirt, to mini skirt, flowy skirt to skin tight skirt. Mainly, if you match it with a nice black top, your outfit is SAFE. Most preferably, a guy likes a girl to match it with a flowy long skirt. They find it very ladylike and demure. So girls, do invest in some long flowy skirt and a black top if you want the guy you like to give you a second look!

3) Nice Black Dress

Dear Little Black Dress… It’s always a girl’s best friend isn’t it? It just matches us soooooooooo well! Trying to impress the guy you like? Wear your black dress and top it up with some bling blings and it will work well! But please note that your black dress has to fit you! If it’s non-fitting, it’ll makes you fat. If its loo long, match it with high heels, the higher the better! If not you’ll look short! So why wait! go grab the black dress now!

Tell us how you feel because Oopspinion is all about sharing your opinions!


Hey Oopspiniors!

Tonight, there will be a guest writer to write our post! Who will it be ? I’ll review after the post tonight! Tell us how you feel about the post, like it? Hate it? Awesome? Nonsense?

Tell us how you feel about our guest post! Let us hint you guys something *winkwink*, its a SHE.

She will post something about Boy and Girl and we hereby HOPE you guys love it!

Oopspinion 🙂