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Hey dearest Oopspiniors!

I’m Bernice by the way, one of the founders of Oopspinion! Recently have been real busy with work so I havent been blogging much.

Due to this post, I logged on to my Friendster account to grab ancient pictures of me! Here you go!

Much different from Bi Zhi, I tried out many different hairstyle through the years.

Okay, I shall call this the Ah Lian period. Not because I acted like one (though the pic shows an epic ah lians’ favourite pose)but sadly, I looked like one. On the bright side, not many girls can pull of the orangey golden hair like me. I’m blessed with fair complexion. Chew on that chao ah lians!

The not-so-ah lian-look. er..wait, that’s ah lians’ favourite as well right? LOL! OH! An idea struck me while am typing away. Perhaps, I can do up an entry on ah lians’ favourite outfits, poses, make up….etc. Sounds cool hor? I know.

Then I went to perm my hair. It was disastrous (as you can see), with bangs some more. My friends laughed at me, calling me permy. Then I realised one important life skill: you have to stand tall and believe in your beliefs. For example, the laughter had gone down right after I believe that I looked astonished in my new permy hairstyle. I guess the same logic applies to everyone. Take XiaXue as a good model, she dyed her hair blonde and then what? Criticism were floating all around, but guess what? All those who used to find her ugly started to believe that she looks good in blonde.

This is a random picture which I had no idea why it is doing here. (okay, because I find myself too chio in this picture to be missed!)

I think I should stop torturing your poor eyes with fugly pictures of myself. This is the latest picture of me.

I look good, I know.

It is really hard to write self introductory. I can’t possibly write like what’s my favourite colours, favourite hangout places and worse still…who’s my BFF right?

That’ll be lame. I will only do that when my primary school friends asked me to write biography in their diaries.

I guess I can’t summarise my life in one short entry. You just have to read this space continuously in order to find out more about me. You’ll soon realised Bizhi and I shared different writing style and fashion ideas too. 

You’re going to be happy, because I am going to blog again this weekend!



Hello Oopspiniors,

Just as we thought to start another new series, we realised that we hadn’t really sit down to introduce ourselves! Can this be considered as a new series? Because we’re gonna split this introductory into two parts.

We thought this introductory was necessary, because, you know….it is easier for us to track back and we don’t have to repeat who we are once we get…F.A.M.O.U.S.


In case you wanna know who is writing behind this entry…

It’s me, Bi Zhi! You have to keep scrolling down before I release more information about me.

Okay, shall start off by telling you the history.

Anw, a short one.

This blog is maintained by Bernice and Bi Zhi. It was all started out by a school project called New Media, which btw, we had scored A* for it. This project required us to set up a blogshop to maintain and ultimately, drive traffic. We did not want to make it like any other blogshops that sell apparel or informative ones that needed us to just pluck information from other blogs.

Why Oppspinion you will ask.

All thanks to me, who spoke broken English then. We were at the canteen trying to figure out a good name for our blog when ‘OOOH-pinion’ came out of my mouth. I think it was the best thing that I have ever mispronounced. It was an honest pronunciation mistake when Bernice saw the light! And Ooopspinion was born! So, who do you have to thank?

We decided to keep this blog alive since we have started it. It’s like we want to see it grow since we have already put in so much effort to maintain it for months, so why not to continue to do what we’re best at?

That’s it. The history ends here. I told you it will be a short one, didn’t I?

Now, about myself. *Throat cleared*

I am a lost soul who is unsure of what the future will bring.
My long silky and luscious black hair stayed with me ever since I was 10 y.o. and had it cut short right after I have graduated from NYP. I think partly because I am too tired of it and another part is I am a lost soul.

I can feel Britney Spears now. She shaved off her hair few years back and rumours said she was lost in herself and the industry.


Oh, guess this was the period where I had my longest hair.

Then I had it cut till chest level. Let me show u one more.

More obvious now?

Then I had the shortest hair cut in my life. Who did I get my inspiration from?

Agyness Deyn! She is always at the cutting edge of fashion and dares to try out new stuff! She had a new mod cut recently, doesn’t look good on her though.

How? Look good? I guess the only bad thing about having a bowl cut is you’ve to style it every time before you head out! Unlike over the chest length long hair where you can just tie it up when you’re experiencing bad hair day. For short hair girls like me, you have to put on smoothing lotion and blow your hair dry and if you have extra time on hand, use a hair curler to make a gentle curl in. Troublesome hor?

Nevertheless, I urge girls who have had long hair for a good time to try a short cut! I had mine at 6 bucks only! And I am pretty proud bout it. Let me do a quoting here:



Stay tuned for the second introductory. It will be Bernice’s turn!

Stay eggcited!

Helllllooo Oopspinors!

We’re back for the post again! Fast huh?

FYI, this post is typed from iPad. Because WordPress isn’t functioning on my laptop! So, for whoever is reading this post, please be appreciative ok?It is really hard to type from iPad….I’m not complaining…I’m not.

Enough said, let’s continue from where we have stopped!

That’s what she brings everyday…with a poncho somemore! Just kidding. The poncho was there because Bernice and I went to a marathon event as motivator and it was included in the motivator’s pack. Take a closer look at the models on the poncho. So old school right? Speaking of the marathon, we have done up a video entry for it! We shall keep you in suspense for a while more.

The essential – a bottle of mineral water brought from home! We think is cool to reuse bottle and bring your own drink when you go out. 1. you are saving the environment. 2. you are saving yourself from buying overly priced bottled drinks outside. But be careful not to over re-use soft plastic bottle. This is serious! It is dangerous to your health if plastic bottles were to re-use for too many times. In case you do not know, read this

Is it a habit or a trait for most of us to bring along a bottle of water when we go out?  what about the boys? Ermmmm…

Most girls will bring a mini perfume with them to in case they find themselves or find the others around them stink in the afternoon. What about Rexona (roll on)? You know girls love to share stuff, do ou share Rexona with your friends too? If you do, let us know. Better still, take a photo of your bff and yourself and upload to our FB. What’s wrong? Show the world the love in between your friends and you!

Here comes the exciting part – the make up pouch! Looks clean huh?

Look at her foundation’s sponge! It’s almost black. A dirty make up sponge is dirtier than a toilet’s seat! No joke, read this. So please imagine yourself touching your face after touching the inside of the toilet bowl, if you do not have a clean habit. Thanks to Bernice, we’re pretty sure this entry have broadened your horizon! LOL!

The emptied bag seems clean in the picture, but it wasn’t as clean as it seems to be! Do not be cheated by the photo. It was really dirty where you can find strand of hairs, used receipts and tissues!

Are your bag the same as Bernice’s? If you’re a guy and you are reading this, please upload a picture of your bag’s content on our FB. Because it’s all girls’ bags which Oopspiniors are seeing. And girls like to stereotype boys as lazy and dirty gender, so let us know if this mind-set is wrong!  

P.S. Poor Bernice, must be feeling exposed now. Haha!


Right, that is the end of the entry and my index fingers are suffering from cramp!

Hello Oopspiniors!

Okay, we know this series has been draggingggg way too long. So yup, this will be the last entry for this series. Whose bag are we peeking into today?

No other than Bernice!

Pretty bag from MANGO! Never know red goes well with blue huh?

The inside of the bag looks clean and neat…until we started to remove everything only to find something horrorifying! Will save it for the last picture so as not to let you pee in your pants now.

Alright, this post has been saved as draft since the day WordPress gone cranky. We have decided to post it first and continue with the part two when WordPress is less cranky.

We know, it’s irritating to have read only half of the story and got to wait longer for the next one.

We tooo!