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Hey there my beloved Oopspiniors, I’m Bernice by the way, here sharing some must have for an office lady! Before starting this post, I have something to confess! HAHA! Bizhi, our cute founder came out with a series, not really a series but like an episode for us to introduce ourselves. As my slack as hell nature, am soooooo lazy to blog about myself, so I pushed the task to Bizhi, hehe! With a bribe saying that I will come out with an ESSENTIAL FOR WORK series. By the way, I am the mastermind of the ESSENTIAL series previously. Haha! Please don’t hate me if you disagree. So finally, I went to read about the post today, and I was shocked. Little claims, first of all, please don’t see me as an ahlian! (from the picture and the languages and tone used in the post, even I started to believe I’m such an ahlian). Next, there’s a super black hair with bangs photo! GOSH! I DID NOT DO THAT TO MYSELF! ITS HIDEOUS!!!! not like my red-orangy orang utan hair wasn’t, but the bangs one is just…. FUGLY. It’s a wig I wore to make a joke out of it. Here’s a pic of me with Bangs, I failed miserably in the Bangs look..

The one with bangs, another one with long frindge is the period of time where I went to do extensions. Sounds so lian too. HAHA! Of course I put flattering pictures of myself in bangs, duh? Why would I choose fugly one. So from that, you can know that the previous is not done by me! Cuz all the pics are sooooo freaking ugly shots of me. By the way, the short hair was the period when I just graduated from my Secondary school and the Polytechnic year 1 phase.

Okay, enough of clarifications and enough of the story of my past, it’s lame and I am not interested to show you pictures by pictures, cuz I have tons! If you all want to see, check my friendster for those ancient pictures.

Little fact about me, I’m working in Starhub as a marketing co-ordinator right now, just started last Friday. Previously was working as an admin. So what have I discovered during a month as an office lady? (omg yes, i use this term. i can’t believe i’m an office lady instead of a teenage student.) So I’ve picked a few MUST HAVES that I MUST SHARE.

In order to make you yearn for more, I shall break it into episodes and form it a series! HAHAHA! Partly an excuse for my laziness to share it all out now. Anyway, today, I’ll be talking about FLATS. I know I’ve introduced you all those flats and pumps in my school series post.

But this is an office version! So listen up! I am not gonna introduce you the different kind of flats, you can scroll and find the SCHOOL ESSENTIALS if you need any ideas. Here I am going to share a piece of TOP TIP. LOL!

Please do wear heels to work, and leave a pair of flats there. The flats better be so comfy and easy to wear, hopefully those elastic slip ons. Frankly, I don’t know if you guys have the same dirty habit as me. First of all, I can’t sit still in the chair for long, I need to constanly fold my legs up, put it on the railing and stuff like that. Secondly, I HAVEEEEEEE TO AIR MY FEET! HAHAHA! It just feels uber uncomfortable for me to wear it for the whole day, once i sit down, i’ll take it off. I know right, like those old ahpeks habit.

So, it was my first day to work, happily wore my maryjane wedges, and dang! First, it’s hard to take off, ain’t slip ons! Secondly, I realised i have to walk in lightning speed around the whole office. So another DANGGG! You wouldn’t want yourself KLANGING around in the office right? Everyone will stare and goes like “Chill Godzilla” HAHA! At least that’s how i feel. So, I am determined to bring flats to work. But oh well, i’ve tons of flats at home.. Just bought one recently, BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. I stumbled across a super soft cushion-y kinda flats the other day. AND THEY DO NOT HAVE MY SIZE! I even contemplated if i should buy the size 35. But realised it was really too small. I am a 37 by the way. So today, i am going to HUNT DOWN BUGIS ST for that pair of flats. Wish me luck. Once i hunt it down, i will introduce you where to buy it!

Promise!!! Meanwhile i will tweet about whether or not i succeed in my flats hunting quest. WIIISSSH MEEEE LUUUUCK. My bad that i totally forgot about the brand. And another tip! WE SHOULD ALL OUTCAST VANA, cuz the flats broke the 3rd time i wear it. 4th time the other side broke. Super glued it and 5th time it broke AGAIN. DO NOT BUY IT ALTHOUGH IT LOOKS SUPER CUTE. haha! At least i’d learnt my lesson.



I think WordPress is way too adorable!

Can someone tell me who’s the administrator of WordPress.

Today is April Fool, and guess what did WordPress do?

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Above is the statistic chart that records the no. of visitors to our blog. Looking at the vertical axis, it shows over 200 viewers, but the stats is different when you mouse over to the bar.

You get ‘April Fools’ smacked right in your face.


That’s funny. Come on people, relax!

I wonder what will happen to thoes customer service officers in help line, if they were to make some harmless April fool jokes on (annoyed) customers who called in.  

Sure kanna vagularities. LOLS!

What a random post, but this is too cute to not mention!

Happy April fool,

Bi Zhi