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I think it’s pretty cool to make use of Saturdays to discover new food venues!

I went to Rock and Ash located at Novena Square 2 to immense myself with the aroma of delicious food.

Rape the fries and then the burger! I didn’t snap a photo of the ambience but I can assure you, the place is good to talk your heart out with your BFF. It’s a new shop so I guess only frequent patron knows about this eatery. I love to go to places where little people know, such way, I can enjoy the quietness with only my favourite accompany.

The only dismiss will be the cakes, I wanted to order cakes after my main course but only to be greeted with an empty cooler. o.o

What did I wear?

Dresses are my favourite now. Must be the age thingy. I used to like wearing tees and shorts only; if not jeans. Been keeping a lookout for dresses and I wore a cream coloured dress from Joop.


That’s all for today! Have a great night ahead!

Good bye all!


I went to fly a kite at Marina Barrage!

I realised I had not been out to have fun ever since work started. Oyes, talking about work, I am still so not used to waking up early! And because Bernice, Alicia and I are having big plan for Oopspinion, I often get to go to bed only at 1am.

Who is Alicia you might ask….

Well, she is our new partner! I guess she will have to do up a self introductory too! I will get her to write-up as soon as possible!

Back to flying kite again. For people who are thinking to go flying kites at Marina Barrage on Saturday during this 2 months, I suggest you not to. Something disappointing happened when my boy and I were getting ready to let our kite soar freely.

The ferocious security guard blew his whistle at us and came instructed us to stop whatever we are doing.

Know why?

NDP rehearsal was on and it will be going on every Saturday from now till 9 August (I guess).

So everyone there waited till it was 7.30pm before we could fly a kite. Though it was a long wait, we had good time with our Burger King meals and with cool breeze caressing our faces!


If you are a fan on our FB page or you are following us on Twitter, you would had already known I bought a dress from Cotton On at $5! And I wore that out the very next day to the picnic! 

HAHAHAHA! I am so proud of myself for grabbing the best deal in town loh! Can you believe it’s 5 bucks only?! I told my mum it is cheaper than those tops she normally got it from the wet market.

Enough of my 5 bucks dress. I wanna show more shots that were taken by me. I think I am pretty much…artistic.

That’s all. LOLS!

Let me end this entry with a picture of me holding onto a ready-to-soar kite. It was a day well-spent. If you are still hiding behind the screen watching US drama series or poring over books….then you should really head out for a good afternoon, doing something you like or you hardly had the chance to do it.

What I meant was…find time for yourself. Slow down your pace and get re-charged over the weekend!

How do you usually spend your Saturday/Sunday? Share it with me and if it is interesting, I would try it out and blog about it!

Remember, Oopspinion is about sharing your opinion!

 Hello my beloved Oopspiniors! Bernice here, and I have a huuuuuuge piece of news to share. Something that is sooooo awesome and magnificent!

But things are not finalized yet.. Thus, I shall leave you guys hanging for awhile.

First of all, I need to apologise for the deserting Oopspinion for the past few months, but here I am, trying my very best to revive Oopspinion!

Alright, (Main point please) Today I am going to share my oopspinion on MAXI DRESSES.

Well, you may go “Maxi dresses are so 2 years ago.” But believe it or not, it is NEVER GONNA DIE. Trust me! I have to confess, I just splurged on 3 maxi dresses, but guess what, it’s under 60 bucks! OHMYGOD I know. So till now, I have a collection of 6 maxi dresses, ranging from casual sundresses to formal and sexy ones. And not that i’m narcissistic (like what Bizhi called me today mispronouncing the word as nassitic), I feel that I look super tall in Maxi. I know i’m not exactly what a person may define tall as, (I’m 161.5cm btw, insisting of rounding it up to 162) but with the help of a maxi, even in flip flops, I feel like a 170. Serious!

Many people have the misconception that if you are short, you can’t pull off a maxi dress, oh please. You are so darn wrong. Let me give you an example.


She looks TALL right?

 Yes, I bought this dress, and the measurement is only like 130cm, and it fits me perfectly, even when I’m wearing flip flops. But seriously, doesn’t the model look so tall in it? But in fact, the model is like shorter then me as she’s wearing heels! Sadly I don’t have the picture of me wearing that maxi, darn it! But i will upload it on Facebook once i took it okay?

So the moral of the story is, invest in Maxi dresses! It makes you look tall and chio, and it’s never out of fashion! And one pointer, for a starter, I committed in a huge mistake which is to buy all the printed maxis, but seriously, if you have a tight budget, stick to a solid colour one. Preferably have one in black and one in white, it is a MUST HAVE! If you have more money, you can then splurge on those prints. Out of the 6 maxis I have, one is full black, one full white, one full royal blue, one batik printed orange-pink, one spiral-ish black and white, and one multi-coloured batik-ish print. When i have the time, i will take all of them and post it alright?

My most expensive maxi is around 60ish and my cheapest is 15 😀 I’m so proud of myself as it is extremely hard to find cheap maxis. Most of them are around 70 to 100ish! I have a few recommendations for you 🙂

1) Bugis Street:
I bought one of the multi-coloured halter neck maxi from one of the shop in the newly renovated airconditioned first story place, (opp the kopitiam in bugis st) and it cost me around 30ish, thus, you should try out there! Pick a few maxis and try it. But let me warn you, every piece will look sooooo good on you that you would want to buy all!

2) Gmarket: It’s the online shopping portal that i frequent daily! I know im so hooked on it. I got my 15 bucks full black maxi from there! One pointer is that the colour and quality may be different from the picture, thus, we must take the risk! And it may not fit perfectly, but for me, i’m quite contented with mine. One tip while shopping there is to read the reviews, (read them thoroughly) if most of them have negative remarks, DON’T BUY. I tried before, being stubborn and the things really suck.

3) China Town: I got my formal looking spiral-ish black and white maxi from there, it is rather expensive as it cost me around 60ish. But there are cheaper ones around 40ish! Must go there and sieve those cheap and chio ones out!

So I shall conclude todays post by urging all you girls to get a solid colour maxi NOW! You won’t regret it. I will post on how to match your maxi dress next week, so stay tuned! 🙂

Do share your opinions as we’ve shared ours because Oopspinion is all about you sharing your opinions! Tata!