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Hey fellow fashionistas! Today’s post will be dedicated to skirts! Minis, mid-length, bandage, pencil or long, the list goes on… Skirts are so versatile, anywhere you’re going, no matter what the occasion, a skirt will never be “inappropriate”!

However, today we’ll be focusing on long skirts. I really have this thing for long, flowy skirts. It really brings out the feminine side of all ladies! Wear it to the beach, to a date, to a family dinner…

Now now, there’s always a misconception about short people wearing long skirts.

But who says so!

Don’t ever let that thought stop you in your tracks! Wearing a pair of high heels makes the hemline of the skirt look shorter, and making your legs look longer!

Pair it with a plain tank top/tee/spaghetti, and you’re ready to go hang out with your friends on a lazy sunday! A simple tube top will also do if you’re planning to have lunch or dinner with your loved ones.

If you want to complete your look with accessories, make sure not to overdo it by piling on too much. Go for simple ones and let your skirt do the job!

After reading so much, are you guys a wee bit tempted?! You have to be! So, if you don’t even have any long skirts hanging in your closet right now, you should go get it! In fact,

one will never be enough!

You can never go wrong with it!


Hey hey my dearest Oopspinion!

Due to popular “demand”, we are launching a brand new series of “Essential for School”! For those who are not sure, Essential for School series will tell you what are the must have if you are schooling, (or not in my case).

As for today, we will be talking about….. FLATFORMS! (Quirky Platforms)

So why do I like them so much?
It’s cuz they are so comfortable! I know you might say, for fashion, you will bear the pain! But seriously,

How long can you survive in these?

But fret not! Here comes our flatforms! It’s quirky, fashionable, comfortable, fresh, you name it!
So recently, I bought this pair of flatforms and I love it so much!



Well it is risky wearing such fashionable piece, so make sure you match it correctly! There are a few ways to match it, you can match it with a long skirt to go for the faminine yet fashionable look.

Or with a cool pair of high-waisted shorts.

There are many types of flatforms, be sure to choose the one you like!

This is a pair I want to buy so badly!  
What do you think?

 With that I shall end my entry here. Do share what you think about flatforms as Oopspinion is all about you sharing your opinions!