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Hello all!

Today’s post is gonna be my favourite entry! I put in great effort to piece everything together for this special post of mine.

How special?

I set an alarm to wake up in the morning to slap on 1KG of make up and mix ‘n’ match a few outfits that will go well with leggings. I hardly do this! I hate to put on make up and I avoid them whenever I can. I mean, how troublesome it is to remove them!

Still, I am glad I survived my hectic morning to do the shoot, make up, hair styling ALONE! AHAHAHAH! Like a pro I know. Below will be a few inspirations for young ladies who have ran out of idea of how to match a leggings. They are not the perfect matches, but definitely some useful ideas.

The first match: Schooldays!

Guess this is also the most common way of pairing a pair of denim shorts to leggings. I have to say this outfit is the most comfortable style of all! I can jump and run with shorts and pumps!

The second match: Play black

The third match: Feeling formal

How to go formal with leggings? Aiyah, simple, just match everything with a pair of black heels!

I think I looked exhausted in this picture. In actual fact, I am! I was panting from running up and down to adjust the camera and lighting! HARD LIFE!

At the end of this post, I still cannnot come to terms that I have completed this style diary by myself. Just like how surreal it is to have launch

Oyes, I went to flea market with Bernice on last Friday! I saw Bong QiuQiu, but didnt buy anything from her. I will leave Bernice to update more on the killing spree she had on the next post.


Aw Bi Zhi


Hello my dearest Oopspiniors!

I’m soo soo soo eggcited! Am meeting Aw Bi Zhi to head down to Goodnight Flea Market by ForFleaSake tonight!

Erhem, pardon me you people. It’s gonna be my first time going to a flea market! For reaaal! I hope to get some cheap hauls and get to meet BongQiuQiu! So gonna bargain there, well, I will blog about the flea next time!

See ya later alligator,
Oopspinion – Bernice Tan.

Summer is ending pretty soon, there are colours you should not missed!

Bright and neon colours have been trending for quite a while now and I especially like Mustard!

Pardon my very stern face, I was trying to act like those models in magazines. HAHHA!

Where to find clothes in summer colours? Everywhere! I bought mine from Yacht 21 and the good thing is… is actually selling apparels you should be wearing this season!

Alright, I will end this entry very abruptly here. I will continue to keep a look out for the latest trend for everyone! If you have any suggestions, do not be afraid to voice it out and let me know! Tell me how I should have match any accessories with my dress etc and I would be gladly to try it on!

 with love

Oopspinion – Bi Zhi

Hello Dearest Oopspiniors!

If you are wondering why is the previous post so hasty, it’s because I can’t wait to share you guys an aweeeeesome place to buy cheap make  up products!

It is the infamous…..

Sam and I went there on a Wednesday night and there was literally no one!

So we went in and it’s a MAZE inside. erhem, we bee-lined all the way to the make up session and spent the entire 90minutes trying on the make ups and all. (shhhh)
This is the look I end up with:

Sam tried on the red lipstick but insist she looks too Minah, she removed it in the end (sry took from my bb and it sucks)

 But out of excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the whole range of make up products, and somehow I remembered there’s another section selling make up products too. But we only went to the 1st level one around the shoes and deodorant section.

After much deliberation, I ended up buying only the lipstick, lip pencil and liquid eye liner. Have to head back one day to hunt for eye-liner pencil (there were no black ones left) at the other section! (if there actually is?)

I got this at $5.50. A bit pricey leh.

Got this at $3. Quite ex also! (I'm so shamelessly cheapo right)

My BEST BUY of the trip! Got it at $4.30 only!

So I was thinking, “Constance Carroll” don’t sound like some kuching kurak anyhow brand leh, somemore it’s written “from UK”, like quite not bad. So as hardworking as I am, I went to do some research on it. Apparently, it’s from UK (wow) but it’s some cheapo UK brand, (I know right?). Here you go:

Got it from GOOGLE.

 It’s like UK version of Silky Girl la, you got it right? Somehow I stumbled across tons of website that sells Constance Carroll products and it’s super cheap! (cheaper then Mustafa!) ahhhh! But I find it worth it at Mustafa as you got to try the products before buying, no need to pay the shipping fee somemore.

So anyway, I find it very wasted if I didn’t camwhore with my make-up, but Samantha said she’s too fat *roll eyes* (i know right?) so it’s all gonna be…. ME!

HAHA! Quite cute leh, must put.This top is $9.90, but I find it too ex. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Gosh I look too scary! Must post!

Shall end of with this pic.

Actuallly there are more pics, but wordpress is killing me! I don’t know what’s wrong, I’ve been re-uploading the pictures GAZILLION times and it just doesn’t appear in the post! ARGH.


Oopspinion – Bernice

Hello Oopspiniors!

Remember I said that I will post on by dye results? Well, I would say that colour is not exactly what I wanted. But it isn’t hideous.

Okay, it sounds dubious right? This is what colour I am hoping for:

Ruby Red as said by the aunty at the shop

But this is my end result:

Sorry the lighting wasn't good! Tried my best to take already, it is more vibrant in real life.

 Another one with front-view:

Ignore the eye bags pls! (I can't photoshop now!)

 Oh well. It’s far from the colour I desired, but maybe it’s for the good? A teeny tad dissappointed but I like my hair colour now though 🙂

Conclusion of today’s post: Be Happy and Don’t Worry! (HAHA! Random much?)

What to do, got to take the risk if you go for cheaper alternatives right? BLAME-NO-ONE.



Dear Oopspiniors!

Ever got bored of your hair and ran out of ideas? It’s time to go RED! I’m so bored of my current hair, and it gets so typical, so I’m going RED. I know, there are tons of shades of Red, but I find most of them awesome!

Here are a few reds that I like,

Super Nice but I'm not that daring!Super CHIOOOO!

Nice but not Fiesty enough!

This is the red I am going for:

I know right! How Chio is it?! But seriously, going to a salon is insanely expensive! I have like long hair and my hair is super thick, so I guess dying my hair at a Salon will cost me at least $50. So I thought, why not I dye it at home?

Happily, I went to “Red Tomato” (a super cheap beauty products shop) at AngMoKio central last night, and I showed the auntie the colour I want, then she recommended this dye.

Which cost me $8.90.Then I thought why not? So cheap compared to the Salon, but the Auntie continue to pyscho me to buy this shampoo that will make the red hair glow. After little persuasion, I cave in! I didn’t take the picture of the shampoo, but i think it’s this one:

Guess what? This freaking shampoo cost me 28 bucks! Oh damn I felt so scammed. Anyways, I’m heading to dye it at home tonight, I will definitely post the results soon!


Oopspinion – Bernice

Dear Oopspiniors,

With a mixture of sweat and tears, here comes the time where our blogshop is born! We’ve started this project 2 months ago, with a simple thought in mind: to bring fashion affordable to us girls.

Often we stumbled across great fashion blogs, with even “greater” price which most of us can’t afford. So Oopspinion thought of bringing you tips and fashion that is affordable. Then we faced another problem, normally affordable blogshops are selling things that look so good on the models, but once we buy it, we don’t know how to match it. Thus, we came out with a blogshop plan, which is to sell clothes and blog on how to match it at the same time. Another unique point of our blog is that we do not hire perfect-bodied models, rather, we “model” the clothes ourselves to bring our blogshop closer to a normal teenage girl.

We have a mission in mind, we treat our readers, our customers, and fans as friends. Oopspinion is one big family where we strongly encourage our readers to voice their opinions.

We also have a Facebook page where we allow our readers to write on our wall, tag us pictures, tag our pictures and get to know us. We also have a Twitter account where we tweet about our progress and follow our readers and even communicate through twitter where we “stalk” our followers!

Enough said, here comes our first collection # Summer in the Field.

Excited much? Do share your views as we shared ours, because Oopspinion is all about sharing your opinions!