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Hello Oopspinions!

Recently, we’ve come out with a plan to join a flea market, and thought “why not make it online too?”, thus, with that in mind, we’ve came out with a master plan!

We will take pictures of our pre-love clothes and sell/trade it ONLINE on ! We all know that you girls out there have a tight budget but are always not satisfied with your clothes right, so why not sell/trade it with us!

Oopspinion is going to have a Pre-Love Trading Closet where you girls can share your pre-love items on our page to sell it. Likewise, you could shop around the page to see if there are anything you’re in love with, if you don’t want to buy it, you could use your clothes to trade with others! (Only if the other party is agreeable) We are just like a flea market, only that you don’t have to worry about the logistics and man power ! Flea Market without the sweat and blood, HOW GREAT!

So how do you go about doing it? Here’s your solution:

1) Send us the item, we will help you take pictures of it and post it on our webstore. (Please provide us the pricing) We will help promote your product and try different ways of wearing them, maybe give a new light to your pre-love! (You can either do meet-ups with us or courier to us, but do note that you’ll have to bear the shipping fee)

2) Take the pictures yourself and send it to us, (please provide the pricings) we will help you post it online! We will also promote it on our different social media platforms!

So… Are you tempted to do that?

If you need us to take picture, promote and bring a new light to your pre-love, it will cost you $1.50 per item, $12 for 15 items,  and $1 per piece if there are 20 or more items! Cheap right? $1 for selling your pre-love , cheaper then flea market lor!

Let you see a sample we did:

Loose Tank Top w/ Street Jeans

Denim Maxi Dress

Black Maxi Dress

Chic and Classy Dress

Flora Sundress

If you just need us to post and promote your items online while you provide us the pictures, it will cost you $1 per item, $15 for 20 items, and 50 cents per piece for 21 or more items! CHEAP!?!?!?!

The BEST PART is: WE ARE HAVING A PROMOTION RIGHT NOW. WE ARE DOING THIS FOR FREEEEEEEE. Simply, Like us on FaceBook and Email us at if you want your pre-love on our website! Promo ends on 29th OCT 2011.

Qui-ker-ly! Email us and start TRADING/SELLING/SHOPPING !

All the photos are credited to: Milton Tan



Good day all!

It has been a long time since I last blogged! It is really no easy to work and at the same time, trying to feed your ambition. What’s more? I have English tuition to go to on every Sunday – yes I am re-taking GCE ‘O’ Level. I am so busy!

Oyes, I wore my $5 top (bought at the flea market) to a meeting with a website designer. Needless to say, I was super late. Bernice and Jane were reaching a conculsion with the designer when I just got there. But well, that’s the thing, you have to accomodate each other’s flaw when you want things to work.

If you have been following us on Facebook, you would know we are planning to participate in a fleamarket! I AM SO EXCITED. Many left over stocks from our first collection is going cheap! What’s more? Our preloved clothes are going CHEAPER.

The most thrilling part is…everyone is welcomed to BARGAIN with us! HAHAHHA!

I mean, I was in love with a pair of blue shorts that was priced at $27.90.

I tired to bargain and the kuku girl told me “I am so sorry, but it’s new piece. And the material is really comfotable and good.”


We prefer …

The most $15/piece. I still feel that it’s quite expensive, but….I must take into consideration that….we are going to sell stuff more than $10 also! HAHAHA!

See you guys very very soon!

Anw, let me just do some random shout out:

Life might not be easy. Like us, a dream chaser’s life will never be easy. Do not give up!

Be a fighter, not a loser.



Hello everyone, today’s post will be dedicated to all the best friends in the world for being so awesome for each other!

In life, people ought to meet many people, friends come and go but there are a few that you consider them as your closest friend/friends. I personally feel that friends cannot be dictated by how long they have known each other, nor how many ups and down they’ve gone through together.

I’ve done a search on google and this is one of the definition ” friend – a person you know well and regard with affection and trust” and I totally agree with this.

Best friends are the first ones that will pop up in my mind where I feel like hanging out, they are the ones that I will be concern about what’s happening and they are the first ones who I will call if I need anyone to confide in.

So I shall use this post to say Happy Birthday to my BESTIE JANEEEEE! Thank you for being my friend (even though I forgot about your bday last year) !

So let me narrate on how we became friends…. I realized it’s a super long story. Here it goes..

During secondary school days, I’ve got a best friend – SAMANTHA (yes you’re still my bestie. HAHA!) Due to many dramatic reasons, she transferred out after Secondary 3 (which left me quite alone as I’m only close to her in our class)

I can still remember I will go to the toilet and spend my entire reccess alone in the cubicle as I have no friends to eat with. (yea, I am obsessed with Mean Girls at that time) And things moved on and I met a group of friends who accepted me into their clique, gradually, I moved from that clique to another clique (things were complicated that time and I can’t rmb it)

So I got to know Jane, and many others in that clique. I still remember there were fights when I first joined and all the drama and stuff which I shall skip that. At that time, I was very close to a guy in our clique called KarHao, (yes you. and no flirting, we are close in a brotherly way, serious.) So I used to hang out at Karhao’s place to watch movies and play The Sims (HAHA I LOVE IT) and we hung out around AMK hub SUPER DUPER OFTEN. Jane was closer to a girl name Annie at that time, but Annie can’t hang out with us so Jane started hanging with Karhao and me, occassionally with Wilson where they start bickering alot and Karhao and I can’t stand it. Oh god, I sound like a 15 year old right now, can’t stand it. But thats how Jane and I get close. Upon graduation, I lost contact with our clique except for Karhao, Jane, and Wilson. So there you go.

I’m super grateful that I have Jane, Samantha, and Bizhi. (I met Bizhi in Poly) And what’s even better? 3 of us are fine with each other! So yea, don’t be jealous I have great friends!


Love to all the bestfriends in the world,
Oopspinion – BERNICE.

Hello Oopspiniors!

Recently I’ve just bought like a few pairs of cosmetic contact lenses! Wheeee! (So Hgiao right) I’ve bought a pair blue pupils enlarging ones, green pupils enlarging ones, and a pair of grey ones!

As they are all monthlys, I am going to try a pair for a month! This month I’m going….. BLUE!

I know I know, my hair doesn't have a single trace of red. pathetic.

So I went shopping with Bizhi, and once she saw my eyes, she exclaimed it’s SCARY. Then all my friends said it wasn’t too obvious or I look like an ALIEN. Pleaseeeeeeeeee, WHERE GOT ALIEN?!



Shall bore you with my camwhoring skills.

Sometimes it embarrasses me that I am so ahlian. It really does. *blush*


Got candid effect not ah?


Yes we are at Burger King btw.


Gosh. is that my big fat nose?!


Big realization after uploading these pictures, I NEED TO FREAKING LOSE WEIGHT! How can anyone have such fat face and didn’t realize till she upload her camwhoring pics?! Oh, because digital camera is decieving. They freaking lie to us by showing our pictures on such small screen that we all look so cute and tiny, yet megapixels so good till we upload on our computer, view it with such a big screen, THEN THE SAD TRUTH UNVEILS.

Gosh, I should either slim down or get photoshop! Or someone donate me a 2 megapixel camera, i used to look so “chio” last time.

Bye all,

Konichiwa Oopspiniors!

I’m so so so sorry for not updating promptly after my flea market trip, SERIOUSLY SORRY!

Okay, here goes the super belated entry:

So happily, 2 girls planned to meet at Goodnight Flea Market organized by ForFleaSake to shop our guts out. (and to check out Bong QiuQiu stall for cheap buys). So we were suppose to meet at around 6.15pm or so, but things delayed, and I reached there around 6.40ish, thinking that i’m so late. But guess what? Miss Aw, yes you Jerline Aw Bizhi, was somewhat considered VERY LATE. And the best part is she can’t find the place, i mean it’s super prominent what!

So there was this little innocent lost girl a.k.a me (don’t puke) shopping around alone like a retard because it’s my first time to a flea. So there I saw QiuQiu, and beelined towards her booth to check out the cheap stuff and, with my talkative nature, striking up conversations with her. But here comes the awkward moment that no one prepared me for. She doesn’t know me and probably don’t give a damn about me but ohwell. Anyway, i went and i told her i came down for her booth, but she said I was TOO LATE! Cuz everyone snatched away all the good stuff already! How sway that I can’t leave work on time that day right.

So anyway, I got to this booth and saw alot of stuff I like, things from HongKong (that’s what the owner said and i chose to believe, tyvm) H&M and stuff. The best part is I’m alone, so i can’t ask for any opinions and I am a person that can’t decide for nuts. So there I was, standing at the shop pondering for days (with great exagerration) while waiting for Ms Aw’s grand arrival.

Finally, I left the store with one skirt, yes, only one. And things goes on and on…

Fuuuum! Fun right?

No Joke. I'm shopping serious. HA!

Wah! $8?! CHIONG AH!

Who cares if I'm Aunty looking. WHO?!


I am determined to shop. YES I AMMMM!

To prove that we are environtalists, Bizhi brought her Yatch 21 paper bag and we stuff most of our buys inside until..

Until we can't fit it in...TAAA..

We bought all that~


Okay, so in total, we bought around 12 pieces of clothes at hmmm.. $70ish in total.. SHIOK RIGHT?! I have to confess, by we, I mean Bizhi bought 2 and I bought the rest.. erhem, you can calculate.

So tada! With this I shall end by GOODNIGHT FLEA MARKET post!


Oopspinion – Bernice