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Hello Oopspiniors!

I’m going to do a short post using my BB so please don’t mind if there are many grammar or spelling errors!

Do you all still remember the mission of Oopspinion? Ans: to make us girls lives easier! So what are the few problems that always bug us?
1) not enough clothes to wear! (due to not enought money)
2) too fat! (but can’t stop eating fattening stuff and lazy to excise)
3) I want to be prettier! (but no money to buy expensive make up products and too lazy to do facial care)

So here we are, having the same problems and we are trying our best to help you solve them!

I promise you all that every month we will do a shopping post to hunt down for cheap and good clothes n make ups! But since we promise to help you girls, we will be giving you girls presents every month!

We will pick 3 lucky winners every month, 1 from Facebook, 1 from wordpress, and 1 from our customers that buy our clothes! All you have to do is comment on our wordpress, like and write on our Facebook wall, and visit our website to shop to win those prizes!

Other then shopping guide, we will Try out ways to slim down and will see if it works!

The best part about us is that we are 3 girls going through the phase of vanity with low budget, and we are not stingy to share our tips in lives!

So be part of us and follow Oopspinion and share your views because we are a big community to make our lives easier!

Signing off with love,


Dear Oopspinion!

Recently, I’ve been gorging alot and I can’t live with the overwhelming guilt in me. So here I go, trying to come out with a plan to slim down + Save money (as I’m also very broke. Fat + Broke, how sad) As hypocritical as I am, I shall share with you what I had (and what I’m going to have for dinner) today.

Breakfast: 1) Tuna and Cheese Sandwhich
                   2) 1 Piece of Marble Cake

Lunch: 1) Carls Junior Mushroom Burger (Low Carb choice!)
             2) Upsized Beef Chili Cheese Fries (Killer)
             3) Upsized Fanta Peach
             4) GongCha Oolong Milk Tea (with PEARLS)

Snacks: 1) Half Guava

Until here, I’m already super full and gonna puke. But guess what I’m having for dinner?

Dinner: STEAMBOAT @ Bugis

Win already. With the Rate I’m going. I am sure I can’t fit all my current clothes. So to make myself less guilty and feel better. I’ve decided to take up Boxing Classes FOR REAL.

No more procrastinating, I am gonna take up lessons at Kadir’s (It’s near my workplace) and I shall burn all my fats there. (Just to let me have the piece of mind so I can go indulge in my Steamboat later)

I must at least head down to the boxing gym TWICE a WEEK hopefully MORE. (As I’ve already paid the monthly fee) Work out for at least an hour for a month.

I will blog consistently on my progress there alright? As of now, I can only say I PLANNED TO. But anyway, I’ve always been someone who is bad in sports, so lets see if I can survive a month Boxing.

Oopspinion – Bernice

Hello my dearest Oopspiniors!

Last Saturday, we went for a photoshoot for the NEW BANNERS we are having! I shall do a spoiler here:

NICE OR not ?! LOL! I like this the most! Can see my blood, sweat, tears in this banner?

Sophisticated not?

I'm on the top of the world~ In fact, it's pretty scary climbing up the wall okay (even scarier when climbing down!)

I'm in woolen leggings and over-sized shirt in Singapore. Yes. Singapore.

Cool right?! Not that I’m being thick-skin, but I’m contented of the outcome. But most importantly, I need to get this chance to thank our GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS and CREW!

Thank you Milton, Amos, Nafees, Bizhi, and Jane! We did a great job though it was super tiring! But we had fun right!

Here are some of the pictures we took off-line.

This is one of the pics taken but not used. I like the effect! Feel so HongKongish.


Haha! Having my "stlyists" are great!


Yeap I just woke up.


Happy Shot!


With that, I shall say Goodbye and see you at the flea!


Dearest Oopspinions!

Hi all hai ho! As usual I got to stumble across these outfits that I LOVE. I really wish one day Oopspinion will be great enough for us to manufacture our own line of clothings. If we do, our line will most probably look like this:


Max Love the shirt and pants!

How to resist those pants!?


White chiffon Shirt is a MUST HAVE. Blue pants is a SUPER MAX WANT TO HAVE!

So anyway, I REALLY HOPE Oopspinion work out well. For now, we are re-vamping our web banner as we find our current one so boring. Here are some suggestions I’m thinking:

Cool not?

Happy feeling!

This look so supernatural. LOL!

Can this be a good banner?

So Mermaidish!

I think I will try this!

Should I bring Russell to the shoot?

Me also wanna sit on the top of a log.

Love the simplicity of this pic and outfit 🙂

Cool Feel.. Hmmmm..

Art School That is.


How about some edgy one?

Alright, that’s kinda of it.. Will most probably go for the next photoshoot next Saturday! HOPEFULLY!!!