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Hello Oopspinion!

(I wrote this post quite some time back and I just realized I have yet to publish it, so here it goes…)

Last Sunday we actually went down to Scape flea market called Sunday Parade by forfleasake and it was reeeeaaaaal tiring.

We reached there about 11 and started setting up and viola! Customers started coming since then. By coming I meant 2 to 3 walk pass our booth, touch here and there and left. Lol.

Lesson learnt, the crowd are mostly Filipinos searching for crazily cheap deals and there are no need to bring chio and nice clothes there. They Don’t Care. I swear They pointed at our $32 dress and demanded it for like $2? Wth right! I mean I don’t mind people bargaining, but not to this extend right! Somemore if you think its over your budget (by $30) you jolly well skip to the cheaper range right?

We already segregate our clothes into like the 2bucks, 8bucks kind and they chose to go to the expensive rack and haggle for 2-.-

So anyways, in the end we actually sell our clothes (2nd hand of course) at like 1 buck or 50cents! I can’t believe it! And the best Part is they are still considering for a long time. Ohplease! Its freaking 1 buck! Just buy it already! (okay I need to stop bitching)

Ps: I’m starting to get addicted to blogging on my BB cuz its so convenient! Easy to type, great thing to do when I’m waiting and queuing. so thank you wordpress for having a BB app 🙂


Oopspinion booth!

Oopspinion booth!

cool not! full of our sweat and tears! haha!

cool not! full of our sweat and tears! haha!


Dear All,

I am writing this with a heavy heart. I know that this blog has always been sharing something happy and colourful, but not this time.

Bernice, as everyone knows, have been my best friend ever since we met each other during our year 1 orientation. She is kind, sweet, lovely and most importantly, as bitchy as me. Whenever we get together, we’re bound to have endless laughters. We laugh at EVERYTHING.

We loved taking photos:

We had fun in tough times:

We got drunk for the first time:

We been through so many eventful times in the 3 years we have known each other. I can still remember there was once where I spolit your favourite leather jacket, and you said nothing. You FORGAVE ME!

And now, I am here to seek for your forgiveness again.

Please be prepared for what I have to say.

I almost cried when I discovered I have lost your Anges B necklace ;(

I walked the whole Orchard to find the identical necklace which your boyfriend had gave to you, but to no avail.

Hence, I bought you a necklace of similar design. This costs me $225! I was crying when paying for the bill. I know this can never replace the one I have lost. This will never hold the same meaning as what your boyfriend bought for you. I just want to show my sincerely on apologising.

I beg for your forgiveness, B!

Kindly sms me once you have finish reading! I am really really sorry!

I swear I have no intention to lost your necklace, seriously!

Please dont be mad at me.

Oopspinion – Bizhi