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Hello Oopspinion,

Wonder if girls are ever satisfied with the shoes (along with clothes, bags, purses etc) they have? The answer is…. NO.

We always have different excuses and “promises” when we buy a pair of shoes, lets say the shoes is way off your budget but it’s so pretty  you tell yourself “Okay, this will have good quality and it can last me for good. One pair and I’ll stop buying shoes for the next 3 months.”, so there, happily, you bag the pair of designer shoes.

Then you walk by the streets and saw a cute and super cheap pair of shoes and you go “OMG! SOOOO CUTE! OMG! IT’S CHEAP!” and there, you forgot about what you “promised” and bag the cheap pair of shoes.

Then you continue shopping and saw a pair of designer shoes ON SALE, no matter how expensive it is, lets say the original price is “$1000” and discounted price is “$700”, which is still out of your budget, you goes “but i’ll save $300 if I buy this!” then happily, you bag the pair of shoes.

Ain’t these familiar?! So here I am, having my new year RESOLUTION (though it’s a bit too soon) that……


hmmmmmmm…. Above are my conscious and guilt talking, here is the actual post.

Now that I have flats, super high wedges, and a pair of normal heels, I NEED A PAIR OF LOWER HEELS OR WEDGES! (A more comfortable one)

As I’m on a budget, I wish to get them ONLINE or perhaps from places like F21, ASOS, H&M etc.

Here are my LIKES from ASOS: (I only pick those that are of moderate height, they have TONS of super CHIO killer heels!)

ASOS SPARKLE Mid Heel Monk ShoeASOS SPARKLE Mid Heel Monk Shoe
This is 18 pounds! (I WANT TO BUY) Can’t decide, blue is damn nice but hard to match with! Black is too safe. The blue one is around SGD$43, SHOULD I?!

ASOS SHOWTIME Block Heel Lace Up Shoe
This is 42 pounds! Hmmm.. OUT OF BUDGET.

ASOS SONYA Bow Toe Cap Mary Jane Shoes
Abit too cute right? It’s 20 pounds.

19.50 pounds! Should I??? This is around SGD$46.50. Hmmmmmmmm…

ASOS SHOWTIME Block Heel Lace Up Shoe
A bit pricey, It’s 45.50 pounds.

ASOS STRIKE Mary Jane With Straps
SOOOOOO CUTE! But it’s 52.50 pounds.

ASOS STRICTLY Lace Up Block Heel Shoes
Safe, at 31.50 pounds.

OMG, F21 and H&M Have nothing really nice online, got to check out their actual stores. Okay, I’m just so tempted to get the first pair i saw on ASOS!


SHOULD I?!?!?!?! But the sizes is so risky!

Please give me some other suggestions! Thanks!

Oopspinion – Bernice


Hello everyone,

Recently I got hospitalized and I’m now “enjoying” my long medical leave, and that leaves me plenty of time…. catching up with the “latest” movies.


BREAKING DAWN (2 out of  100, okay maybe 50 if you have someone to bitch to during the show)

Duration : 1hr 57mins

Pros: You can go toilet, check and reply emails and texts while not missing any part of the show

Cons: Shouldn’t say much.

If you don’t wanna catch the show, here’s the whole show written in words, and pictures:

1) Getting married (probably first 35 mins of the show)

5 minutes of Bella sleeping (as usual).

15 minutes of Bella walking down the aisle, kissing and dancing with Edward.

Jacobs enter the scene for about 15 minutes acting like he’s the groom. Suddenly flares and out of scene. And nope, he didn’t take off his top here.

2) Making Baby (next 45 minutes) showing how desperately Bella wants IT and Edward not giving.

5 minutes of Bella “preparing” for their big night and being “nervous” yet still looking solemn. (sorry couldn’t find the pic, anyway she looks like that all the time)

15 minutes of them kissing and you know what.

another 10 minutes of bella sleeping, and waking up.

10 minutes of Edward being ANGRY of “himself” while he flares at Bella.

5 minutes of them playing chess.

3) Bella’s pregnancy (40 minutes)

Bella spent 5 minutes realizing she’s pregnant.

another 5 minutes of Edward being angry at the baby whom he acknowledge as MONSTER.

15 minutes of bella looking very anorexic and scary as the baby aka monster is eating her alive.

10 minutes of Jacob being angry and leaving his pack. Still properly dressed.

Jacob pops by and got angry AGAIN for another 5 minutes. Still refuse to take off his top.

4) Bella’s dead, Baby’s Born. (27 minutes)

20 minutes of Bella’s delivery and dying.

5 minutes of Jacob transforming into a pedofile and imprints on Bella’s sweet and innocent baby girl in order to save her from his former pack. And sadly yes, He ain’t TOPLESS. lol!

3 minutes of Bella turning into a vampire.


Haha! Okay I exaggerated some of the timings but yea. This is literally the whole show, with “motion. LOL!

Check it out if you don’t believe me and share your opinions about Twillight – Breaking Dawn.