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Dear Oopspinion,

As valentines are nearing, if you are attached, you must be cracking your brain on what to give your loved ones, if you are single and has layed your eyes on the special someone, I bet you are still debating if you should confess to him/her this valentine!

Many times, we received things that we don’t really like during, (Don’t deny and tell me it’s the thoughts that matters, you all confirm got disappointment one!) haha! So to clear all your doubts on what to give, lets just… ASK!

As dedicated as I am, I’ve worked hard and surveyed my guy and girl friends (single & attached) to help you ease your workload over here. You’re welcome.

There will be 2 parts to this V.Day special posts, 1 for the ladies, 1 for the gentlemen!

Today’s post will be for the…. LADIES

Gifts for the GUYS (if you are a girl preparing for HIM)

According to my single guy friends, from Mr. Anonymous (you know who you are), he said “BOOBS!”. So, i guess you girls just have to wear super slutty low cut dress and he will definitely accept you. HAHA! Whip OUT your BADANGDANGS.

Okay, on a serious note, as cliche as it is, Guys are … erhem. Less materialistic. LOL! (unlike me)

First Interviewee: Mr Amos, 20, Student, Single.

Amos, 20, Student, SINGLE

He claims that he would love to receive handmade stuff, or chocolates from the girl, which I deduce that home-made chocolate cookies would be great? Along with a love-Letter/Card?

Here’s some chocolate cookie recipes for you girls!


  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 cups quick-cooking oats
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips


    1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C).
    2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter, brown sugar, and white sugar until smooth. Beat in eggs one at a time, then stir in vanilla. Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt; stir into the creamed mixture until just blended. Mix in the quick oats, walnuts, and chocolate chips. Drop by heaping spoonfuls onto ungreased baking sheets.
    3. Bake for 12 minutes in the preheated oven. Allow cookies to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.


Or seriously, an easier way out, (shhhh. don’t tell the boys) We could just buy the pre-mix from NTUC right!

I’ve tired before, it’s super easy. You can even toast it in your small toaster, (don’t even need oven). Just mix in eggs and you are good to go. There are a huge array of premixes in NTUC extra, save time and effort! To spice your cookies up, you can add hand written notes?? Good idea right! Like put little confession notes like when you started liking him, how you feel about him and bake it inside in the cookie! So when he eat, he’ll have little surprises!

Buy a nice jar from IKEA,

And you and your cookies are good to go! Wriggle into the guys heart. YUMYUM.

Second Interviewee: Mr Undisclosed, 20, serving the nation, Single.

He claimed that he does not fancy gifts, all he want is the girl’s heart. *GOOSEBUMPS* How come all the guys so cliche right? He say he wants her HEART and HERSELF. who knows what does “Herself” implies? HAHA! Let your thoughts run wild then.

Third Interviewee: Mr Anonymous 2, 23, Attached

Yet again, he said he don’t need anything from the girl. As long as the girl likes him, it’s enough.

Fourth Interviewee: Mr Secretive, 20, Single (have never dated)

This is erm… the same answer, but phrased in a sweeter way i guess. He said he wants HER TIME. AWWWWWW. So girls, i guess you could just set a WHOOOOLE day just for him and I’m sure you’ll occupy a big space in his heart.

Fifth Interviewee: Mr Materialistic, 26, Attached

Now finally, a guy who asks for… Red wing boots, Mastermind Japan clothes, Hermes CDC, Balenciaga bag etc. But later, shame got over him and he decided to change his choice of present to “A WARM HOME-COOKED MEAL”, so fake right? HAHA! Okay fine, he said he would love a girl to cook for him on that very special day and they could go for a weekend getaway. (Which i presume he will pay for it. Not bad, a meal in exchange for a trip. I would sign up for that!)

Sixth Interviewee: Mr Nafees, 22, Student, Single (Finally someone that is willing to disclose his identity)

Nafees, 22, Student, SINGLE

Nafees claimed that he would love the girl to whip out her….cooking skills and prepare a romantic dinner for both of them. Hmmmm, i would say it’s not that hard right girls?

Now lets proceed to the Attached Boys!

Seventh Interviewee: Mr cannot be named, 22, Attached

A car. Yes. Fat hope. He continued by saying he wants a home-coked meal. Hmmm, guys are so easy to figure out. Everyone wants home-cooked, hand-made stuff to make the girl unleash her feminine side.

Eight Interviewee: Mr Colleague of mine, age shall not be exposed. (Adult)

This is purely personal as he’d been aiming this G-Shock watch for a long time. So yes, shout-out to his GF, HE WANTS A G-SHOCK WATCH!

Ninth Interviewee: Mr Not-to-be-known, 24, ATTACHED

As usual, he said “Home-cooked meal by special her”. Guys, you guys are seriously too predictable and conventional. Nothing special??

Tenth Interviewee: Mr My Boyfriend, 22, ATTACHED to me of course.

For my personal benefits, i asked my boyfriend what he wants for Vday and guess what? He said “a date”. SERIOUSLY. NOT HELPING. Great, I shall continue to crack my brain and source for good Vday ideas!

As kind as I am, i shall share some tips to make atas meals to impress those dudes!

These are what I deemed as good for a romantic dinner at… Marina Barrage? (PICNIC STYLE!)

Stuff you would need:

1) Pretentious looking table/floor mat. (those typical checkered ones that atas people use for high-tea, you can get cheap versions at DAISO!)

2) Pretentious wine glasses. Yes! With these, the food doesn’t matter that much already! IKEA Sells it quite cheaply!

3) Red/White/Rose WINE! (Wine just brings up the romantic feel, it’s a must have!)

4) Pretentious Picnic Basket and Chiller with ice for the Wine

5) Erm. Most importantly, FOOD.

6) Another important point. GREAT OUTFIT!

Cheese, grapes, crackers!
Easy peasy lemon squeezy! This is my favorite act atas food to bring for picnic! Prepare some gourmet cheese (you can get from NTUC if you have a tight budget), some crackers (Meiji plain crackers will do, but please unwrap it and put it in your pretentious picnic basket” Well, I would go for the Black Seedless grapes if i were you. Cuz you wouldn’t want to be spitting seeds on your romantic nights out. Total, this dish will cost you around… $18-$20..

Main Course:
An array of Gourmet Sausages…
Well this is even easier! Head down to any supermarket, buy those pre-packed gourmet sausages. Muttons, Beef, Chicken try it all! All you got to do is…. TOAST IT! HAHAHA! That’s what I did the last time. 🙂 Easy way out.

As for the side dishes..
Baked Potatoes
Buy those baby potatoes. Cut it into half, poke it with your forks if you want it to cook faster. Apply a layer of sea-salt on it and toast it in the oven! (for around 20-30minutes). Place a layer of cheese on the cooked baby potatoes and you are good to go! YUMYUMS. By the way, it’s MY RECIPE! I tried it the other time.

Boiled Broccolli
Well there must a some green in your dishes, so i suggest broccolli as it’s easy to make! Just wash it, boil it till it’s soft in salt water. Once it’s cooked, chop it and sprinkle it on your baked potatoes. IT TASTE DAMN GOOD I SWEAR.
Total main course will cost you around… $20!

So, main-course’s done! Lets proceed to…. DESSERT!

Strawberry Chocolate Fondue
As usual, to go for the easier way out, it’s so hard to do the actual thing right! But we are not that lazy to just buy it off the shelves. What can we do? We bring the chocolate bar, put it in a fondue pot, you can get it from IKEA and heat it! Here’s the atas fondue set from ikea, I think it’s worth the investment as you can reuse it over and over again! It’s so much cheaper to make our own fondue compared to eating it outside right!
But wait, if you wanna save that money, there’s a shortcut to it. BUY THE HERSHEYS CHOCOLATE SAUCE! (Don’t even need fondue or burning candle) Good idea right! All you need to do it pour the Hersheys chocolate sauce into a small pot/cup/container and TADA! Instant fondue. I’m smart right?
Wash up the strawberries and you are good to go! Dip it in your wonderful “chocolate fondue”. YUMYUMS. This is cost you less then $20 if you adopt my easy way out of getting Hersheys chocolate sauce!

Okay girls, these are the easy-way-out recipes i can think of. Do share if you have more ideas!

Next will be a nice outfit! Well…. OOPSPINION IS HAVING A SPECIAL VDAY PROMOTION AND IS LAUNCHING NEXT WEEK! So stay tune if you want great deals and great outfit ideas to impress your loved ones!

Oopspinion – Bernice


(I’ll save the wishing thingy since you would have heard it for a thousand time by now.)

This new year happened just at the right days – Monday & Tuesday. For long holidays like this, half of Singapore would go do some travelling, and that’s for me! I went BKK with my family & I tell you, BKK is the place where money is never the issue. The dress & the bag which you saw in the pictures below cost me only…S$20/-

Yup, when I blog, it is usually bout my outfit (very different from Bernice, who is always informative and fashion alert). If you’re meticulous enough, you’d have realised my entries are usually pictures bombarding and not words. So this is another outfit post 🙂

Who says money buys you comfort? I spent S$9 & bought this is super soft & comfortable!

Look at the happy colours 🙂

The breeze was pretty strong when I was at the roof.

I bought a luggage full of stuff back, will share it once I snap pictures. I must really thank my Bro & sis -in – law who organised this paid trip (my spree was paid for as well!). Here’s another benefit for being the youngest in the family!

P/S: I have some goodies to give away too! Make sure you come back to Oopspinion regularly kk?

Happy CNY,



Hello Oopspinion!

Mentioned in the previous post that I went out with Pris aka my long-lost-friend right? She’s setting up a blogshop (so exciting) and so far she has got 2 collections! waaaaaaah!You can check out her store, “VelvetPrism” here !

Well, let me share some history with you guys.. HAHA! We met during my Poly year 1 days where I joined this club called “Sound Card”, where people that likes to sing get together and were given the opportunity to perform in school. She was my senior then, her being er hem, year 3 and me being 1. We got closer after that and as time passed, she graduated and we kinda lost touch.

But 2 years back, she came back to NYP as an alumni to perform a school musical and we performed together! Thats when we got close again but after the show, lost touch again.

So recently, I went to stalk her up on Facebook and we met for stuff like shopping, flea market and she even came my house for PERMING! Hope she likes it 🙂

Okay, back to her blogshop. Pris got a model for her blogshop (not like the cheapo me that can’t afford! LOL!) and her name is Huiling. Not that i stalk ah, it’s written in her blogshop.


Cool right! (Anway, her shoes are damn similar to Oopspinion’s shoes! We still have instock for size 37 if you want!)
Shall show you guys what I like!

I love this top!

I love this too!


Tempted to shop already right!

While, you can like them here to know more about them.

Last but not least, PERKS FOR DEAR OOPSPINIORS! (I fought it for you guys k! actually no need to fight la, just thick-skin-ly ask) Quote “Oopspinion” when ordering and you will recieve a MYSTERY GIFT (we debated over Mystery gift or Special gift but i find Mystery sounds much cooler, so, I’ve insisted on Mystery Gift)! So exciting right!

I got you guys another scoop, that is VelvetPrism are launching before V’DAY! So all of you can dress up for your special date!

Oopspinion – Bernice

Dear Oopspinion,

Today I’m gonna share the top 3 blogs that I frequent when I’m bored. 

There are 3 blogs which I visit whenever I’m free to get my dose from them. They are fantastic I’d say. Some, I have vistied since 3 years back and some, I just got to know them & got hook up almost instantly.

So here you go…!


I love her! Her style is just so apporachable! She is just like anyone of us (but better body and face)- who love to wear jeans, a plain dress and oversized shirt. The thing is…she looks so good even in a simple t-shirt! What brings her closer, and easy to relate to anyone of us is her lifestyle. She puts no thick make-up & flaunts little branded accessories! Or prehaps its her bodyframe that makes her rock every outfit. Beside her fashion styles, I adore the apporach she takes to blog. All entries are blogged in a way you’d thought you’re peeking into her photo diary.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One down side is that she didn’t blog that often. So we cant get enough of it!


As you guys know, Xiaxue is like the famous blogger in Singapore, and i love her bitcheness. But one down side is that recently she is doing too many advertorials and it’s getting a bit boring. But nonetheless, it’s fun seeing her shopping, seriously, all her pictures are super nice and clear. Unlike the artsy western-feel you got from camerafilmroll, Xiaxue is more to the Japenese fashion.

Which is what I find interesting too, but I feel I’m too big built for all the cutesy look.

omg! her super cute bunny!

But whats the selling point in XX’s blog? It’s her bitchiness! And her truthfullness! So I will still continue crashing her blog when I’m free to catch up with the latest gossip.


Tammy, the author of the blog is super pretty and most importantly, I LOVE HER FASHION STYLE! Love all her clothes and shoes and bags… BLAHHHH.

Nice right? Love the top, should i stock this in??

Cute right?

Why all so nice? I want it ALL! haha!

Alright! There you go! Keep yourself entertained with these blogs! (as well as oopspinion too)

– Bernice

Dear Oopspinion!

“Heels work wonders”, it goes without saying and Heels are part of the essentials for a girl. They are something guys will NEVER UNDERSTAND.

It’s so annoying when guys around keep saying “Why are you wearing heels?!”, “You’re too tall!”, “Why would you wear such uncomfortable shoes?”, “Can you stop whining, you brought this to yourself”. Yes, these are nothing new to us. Buuuuuuuuut, contradicting enough, when they see girls wearing high heels, they go “OMG THAT’S HOT!”, “Wahhhh, endless legs”, “DAMN CHIO!”. Annoying right? But anyway, this post is to pamper us girls who love heels so much! So screw whoever that ask us not to wear them! We are too vain not to!

You can literally match everything with heels, from shorts, jeans to dresses. It gives you height, confidence & brings up your entire look!

Mustard blazer from bugis street @ $10
DIY Oops tank top from Oopspinion (we drew it, I’m serious)
Jeans from Cotton On @ $40
Red suede heels from Oopspinion
Bag from Coach (stole from my sister)

Got look similar to mine? LOL!


Apparently, if you want to look pretty, you have to suffer. Mariah Carey once said, “There is no pretty and comfortable shoes in the world.” No matter what brand, how much you spend, or how seasoned it is. (I’m talking about really high killer heels)

This pair of Jimmy’s will not only burn a huge hole in your wallet, it burn your whole feet with BLISTERS.

But I’m a sucker at withstanding the pain, of course, if I’m going for event or just tea/dinner sessions with my girls, it’s fine. But if I’m preparing for a SHOPPING SPREE, thanks but no thank you.

So here I am, donning my pair of FLATS. Yes, don’t judge me.

This is actually my favourite blue flats I bought it from Mitju, although I turned from Holly-Wood street style to High School Musical style, I can shop as free as a bird! Mitju shoes are getting expensive now, but their pumps are much more comfortable then Charles & Keith? Have not tried any heels from them yet, will definitely recommend their flats and I shall buy their heels someday and share with you guys! I think Mitju’s designs are getting better.

I folded the bottom of my jeans outward instead of the usual folding in. Trying to go for the I-just-threw-on-a-pair-of-BF-jeans-but-it-still-looks-great-on-me look. 
Oh yes, to end of this post, I need to have a shoutout to my sis, Da Jie! I’m sorry! (I brought this bag out without my sister’s consent) She always share stuff with me (that’s the advantage of having an elder sister who is about the same body frame as you) and I sincerely hope she doesn’t mind this time too!

Question of the post: Will you go for Vanity or Comfort?

VANITY (Ouchhh)





– Bizhi

For those who don’t know, working is soooooo torturing, I swear!

It’s like draining my life away bit by bit. I still can’t come to my senses that I have worked for 8 months already. Time files. But however tired I am, I never want to miss any outings with my girls.

When I was still a fan of gossips girls, I always imagine having fun (like manicure sessions or make up sessions etc…) with my girlfriends in my bedroom. I tell you, when it really happens…it is just pure fun! Just last Sunday, Bernice & Jane popped over to my place (because I was too tired to head to town)!

The only regret I have is the pea size of my petite room 😦

So Bernice did a make up tutorial in my room & we tried on many clothes to matched many different accessories. We created havoc. LOLS!

No pictures taken in my room because it was simple MESSY.

We went t o my back yard & they feel so artsy that photos must be taken!

The shoes we wore resting on the steps

Did I mention the day was perfect?

It rained in the early noon & remained cloudy thereafter. We walked from my place to the L’etoile Cafe & sat by the window at 2nd floor. Good thing about a newly opened cafe? You have peace. No crowd at all. The ladyboss is a very apporachable lady as well! Visit them at their Facebook to see more photos and receive updates 🙂

How nice was my Sunday?

I hope ya all will slow down your pace on Sundays and pick a quiet place to read some magazines and do some catch up too!

Sundays’ love,


Dear Oopspinion!

Met with Jane and Bizhi to L’ETOILE last Sunday, and it’s COOL. Le’toile is a concept cafe serving sanwiches and coffee, they serve nice lunch sets but we missed it as their kitchen closes at 4pm.

Tourist-y pose outside Letoile

These are our outfits of the day:


Brown Dress: Oopspinion, $24.90 (Instock Available)

Yellow Envelope Bag: Oopspinion, $12.90 (Instock Available)

Patent Heels: Bugis St, $50

Watch: FCUK, $100++

Earrings: Bangkok, $6

*IF INTERESTED in the above instock: e-mail or sms/whatsapp 81684136


Mustard Bodycon Dress: Oopspinion, $24.90 (Instock Available)

Red Envelope Bag: Oopspinion, $12.90 (Instock Available)

Red Suede Heels: Oopspinion, $25.90 (Instock Available in Size 37)

Necklace: Agnes B, $200++

*IF INTERESTED in the above instocks: e-mail or sms/whatsapp 81684136/Drop us a comment


Skater Dress: Oopspinion, $24.90 (Instock available)

Flatforms: Oopspinion, $25.90 (Instock available in Size 36)

Retro Bag: Oopspinion, $15.90 (Instock available)

*IF INTERESTED in above instocks: e-mail or sms/whatsapp 81684136/Drop us a comment

Anyway, this is not an advertorial! LOL! Just thought this is a great place to chill, L’etoile is situated at 160 Owen Road.

Shall show you guys what we ordered!

omg I forgot the actual name of this dish, but it's Tuna Sandwich lah. It's nice! And it cost only around $6.90? If i rmb correctly. lol!

This is the beef Focaccia and it taste AWESOME! Will definitely get this dish again next time. It's also around $6.90 if i'm not wrong. It is served with chips.

We got one Ice Chocolate and one Ice Mocha, Mocha tastes better though. Don’t really like the Ice Chocolate, feel that it’s not thick enough. Total, we paid around $25 for 2 sanwiches and 2 drinks, and 3 of us are damn full after this. So i guess it’s worth it.

As usual, our “chilling” involves, well, CAMWHORING!

Testing 1, 2, 3

They provide Magazines for our reading pleasure, and this article about this office affair got Jane all worked up.

I'm Balding.


I love the interior of L'etoile!

Posed Candid. Candid Pose. You get what i mean.

I think I ate most of the Food.


We picked a great spot!

Okay these are all the pics we took in L’etoile. After this, we actually went to Bizhi’s house, and camwhored alot more at her “artsy fartsy” back alley. Will upload it soon!