My Fav Blogs.

Dear Oopspinion,

Today I’m gonna share the top 3 blogs that I frequent when I’m bored. 

There are 3 blogs which I visit whenever I’m free to get my dose from them. They are fantastic I’d say. Some, I have vistied since 3 years back and some, I just got to know them & got hook up almost instantly.

So here you go…!


I love her! Her style is just so apporachable! She is just like anyone of us (but better body and face)- who love to wear jeans, a plain dress and oversized shirt. The thing is…she looks so good even in a simple t-shirt! What brings her closer, and easy to relate to anyone of us is her lifestyle. She puts no thick make-up & flaunts little branded accessories! Or prehaps its her bodyframe that makes her rock every outfit. Beside her fashion styles, I adore the apporach she takes to blog. All entries are blogged in a way you’d thought you’re peeking into her photo diary.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One down side is that she didn’t blog that often. So we cant get enough of it!


As you guys know, Xiaxue is like the famous blogger in Singapore, and i love her bitcheness. But one down side is that recently she is doing too many advertorials and it’s getting a bit boring. But nonetheless, it’s fun seeing her shopping, seriously, all her pictures are super nice and clear. Unlike the artsy western-feel you got from camerafilmroll, Xiaxue is more to the Japenese fashion.

Which is what I find interesting too, but I feel I’m too big built for all the cutesy look.

omg! her super cute bunny!

But whats the selling point in XX’s blog? It’s her bitchiness! And her truthfullness! So I will still continue crashing her blog when I’m free to catch up with the latest gossip.


Tammy, the author of the blog is super pretty and most importantly, I LOVE HER FASHION STYLE! Love all her clothes and shoes and bags… BLAHHHH.

Nice right? Love the top, should i stock this in??

Cute right?

Why all so nice? I want it ALL! haha!

Alright! There you go! Keep yourself entertained with these blogs! (as well as oopspinion too)

– Bernice

    • Thank you! Checked that out already. Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

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