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HEY YOOOO GIRLS! We have launched AGAIN!

Please visit : SHOP NOW!

Remember the Little White Button Dress launched in the previous Collection? We have it in BLACK now!


The Little Black Dress

Also available in Black!

Bare your Back

 Buttoned Skater

Buttoned Skater

Price: $20.90
Size: Fits UK6-10, S-M
Product Code: BS001
– Colour: White, Black
– Fake Buttons in the front
– Fitting top, flare bottom

 How about something that will brighten up your wardrobe? ROSE PINK!

High Collared Shirt in Rose

Need something Bright for your Wardrobe?

Great for both Formal and Casual Look

Donned yourself in Rose

 High Collared Shirt

Price: $20.90
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
Product Code: CT003
– Colour: Rose
– Pockets in front
– Collar details

Finding for something Casual and comfortable yet not too sloppy? Here you go…

Going for the Casual Sunday look?

Love the Oversized look

Sorry for the fat face, I can't PS!


Also available in Blue!

Love the Sleeves where you can button it up

It's soooooo Comfortable!

Love the collar details too!

Match super well with high-waists!

Love the soft material!

Also available in Peach!

Cotton Peach.

 Oversized Cotton Shirt

Price: $15.90
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
Product Code: CT001
– Colour: White, Navy Blue, Peach
– Frill Details
– Sleeves: button-up

Be sweet in our Pinafold Nude-Peach Dress!

Love the colour combi!

You don't even need to pair this dress with a Belt cuz there's already a waist line cut!

There's a cut little button at the back to add on the whole sweet look!

 Pinafold Dress

Price: $22
Size: Fits UK6-10, S-M
Product Code: CT002
– Colour: Peach and Nude combi
– Slim Cutting
– Zip at the side

Next… I shall bring you to my favourite! FAKE TUXEDO TOP! HAHA! ITS SOOOOOO CUTE!

Geek in the TUX

Loving the Fake Tux details... in GLITTER!

Quirky makes me Happy

One thing i love about this top is that it isn't skin tight!

Matches well with High waist shorts or Jeans!

 Fake Tuxedo Prints Tank

Price: $16.90
Size: Fits UK 6-12, S-L
Product Code: CT004
– Glittered Tuxedo Prints
– Button at the Back

Then we shall have something sweet…. The Little Brown Dress!

My Little Brown Dress

Cutting is so cute!Simple, Cute and Sophisticated at the same time.

Love the Collar Cut

Dum Dee Dee~


 Thats all FOLKS! HAHA! Here’s the link again: SHOP NOW!


Today I shall teach some people who are always confused by the bitchy jargons on how they should use it.

Jargon 1 (most commonly misused and misunderstood) : I know right aka ikr

Normally, I know right is to be paired with rolling of eyes, which shows that you agreed on how bad (annoying, stupid, lame etc) is the situation where there’s no solution for it.
For example,
queen b: omg. Minion 2 is so annoying and dumb! How stupid can she get?!
Minion 1: I know right.

It means you agreed hands down on how annoying is that situation, or person in this case.

Often misused:
Queen b: you know what, let’s stop being so judgemental, I’m sure she got some redeemable points.
Minion 1: I know right.

Why is it misused? Because its not suppose to be replied with sarcasm! If you simply agree, say “ya we should stop it.” or “I know, we’re incorrigible” or “omg ya before we got the karma”

I know right? It takes time to practice.

Jargon 2( most commonly misunderstood) : tell me about it

Yes, tell me about it?! (those that get what I mean) Its freaking annoying and embarrassingly awkward when you said “tell me about it” and someone just told you the whole grandmother story.
We don’t mean it literally! Seriously, when we say that, it means we agree and wants to end the topic/conversation or we simply have nothing to reply anymore.

Right way to reply:

Minion : omg I hate the weather recently, it’s making my skin so dry!
Queen b: tell me about it!
Minion: urgh!
-next topic-

Wrong way to reply:
Minion: omg I hate the weather recently, it’s making my skin so dry!
Queen b: tell me about it!
Minion: ya. Cuz my skin normally don’t peel, but now it’s like …. Blah blah blah.

Ps: minion, queen b doesn’t wanna know that. Tyvm.

3rd commonly misused jargon: tyvm or kthxbye

These terms, I personally feels, are inappropriate to use if you really want to show your gratitude. If I went through all the trouble to help someone do something and am replied with “kthxbye” or “tyvm”, I’ll be pissed. Yes. Your “gratitude” meant so little that you don’t even bother to spell the words out. Really.

Can you imagine you painstakingly went out to check out the price of the book that your friend asked you to, you gave it to him/her and he/she replied “kthxbye”. Seriously? K? What k?! Bye? What bye?! (sounds wrong)

If you need/want to show your gratitude , do it wholeheartedly. Like “omg thank you so much!!!” at least that person who did you a favour would feel appreciated right.

Okay i’m just blabbering away.. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads my lengthy wordy post, perhaps only Samantha, (maybe you don’t even read it!) so I shall end my post abruptly being emo.


So my advanced valentine was spent with the man whom I have known for almost 10 years and stayed in love for more than 4 years.

He was so adorable to sms me what he’d be wearing and I got so uptight, because I thought, we were heading to have simple dinner.

I was in shorts when I went back to office in the morning. Went Bugis to shop around and happened to saw the long skirt, bought it at a discount, and figured I would be able to match up with my boy.

Dinner was really a simple fare but I felt good, prolly I have dressed up for it and gotten a compliment from him.

A pair of red heels can really bring up the whole outfit uh….like any outfits.

I like to do jump shot, even in skirts. hah!

Top: BKK, Black Skirt (w belt): Yacht 21

Love, Love,


Hello my dearest Oopspiniors!

Recently, like many of you, I’m super into Korean pop! And of course, I find those Korean girls super cute and pretty and hot!

My favorite Korean star is Bora from Sistar, so today I’m going to do a tutorial on her look!

I love her hair!

Love her outfits!

So, I shall break it into 3 parts to attain her look. Make up, hair and fashion.


Bora's make up in Maboy MV

Bora’s make up’s main focus is the eye, which consist of the eye-liner, eye-shadow and mascara. She seldom put heavy falsies, thus, we are avoiding fake lashes if we want to achieve her look.

White shadow, gold glittery shadow, eye-liner and mascara

 Click HERE for a youtube tutorial by .

I personally love this youtuber’s tutorial on those Korean looks, I feel she knows what shes doing (as compared to some xmm trying to do vlog but fail)


Long and Straight

Long red wavy hair

Long Black Curls

I personally love her curls so much! One thing straight that I realized all these Korean stars have in common, SUPER SOFT and SILKY hair. YES! They glow!!!! Thus, in order to salvage my totally dried up hair, (with a tight budget) I’m going to give Essentials Hair Mask a try for my next shoot!


She’s normally in short tight/skater dresses or shorts to show off her long legs, paired with really cute high heels.

She's in short skater dress

She's in black and green polka dot dress

She's in Black Bodycon

Bora is in oversized crop tee and denim shorts


Just like the other female Korean celebrities, they are always showing off their nice long legs. How i wish I could have them but yea, fat hope. So in order to attain this look, which is totally suitable for such hot weather in Singapore, please invest in some cute skater dresses!

Max love short skater dresses! It’s cute and sweet and most importantly, IT’S COMFORTABLE! (As compared to tight dresses luh)

So girls, are you ready for your korean look?

Oopspinion – Bernice

Dear Oopspiniors!

FINALLY! After such long hibernation, Oopspinion has LAUNCHED!

Well, Valentines Day is not only for the couples! But SINGLES can head out to have some fun too! You might say “V’Day are too commercialized, I’m too cool to celebrate that” but HEY! We need more occassions to celebrate don’t we?

I personally feels that everyone should look good on Vday, no matter if you are attached or not. Look, I would love to spend my VDay with my girlfriends and we could all play dress up, head out and have some fun right! (and…erm…camwhore)

So here you go! We have launched! You can either choose to be Quirky, Sweet, Classy, Retro, Sexy, Preppy and BEDAZZLING! Have fun dressing up GIRLS!

Featuring: Bernice, 161cm, fits Uk 6-8

Disclaimer: Sorry if some pictures are a little too dark! We did it in the dark to depict a V’day nights out!

Click HERE to shop now!

Be Sweet:

Going for the Girl Next Door Look?

Match this dress with a pair of loafers or boots for a FUN look!

Love the flare!

Love the oriental cut at the back!

The back is low cut, thus, match it with a tube top or you can wear nubra to show off your back!

 Buttoned Skater

Price: $20.90
Size: Fits UK6-10, S-M
Product Code: BS001
– Colour: White
– Fake Buttons in the front
– Fitting top, flare bottom

Be Preppy:

A Non-conventional way of Dressing on a V'Day for the non-conventional YOU!

A Casual way of dressing.

Oversized Round Collared Shirt

Price: $14.90
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
Product Code: BP001
– Colour: Brown
– Rounch Collared
– Oversized
– Belt not Included

Be Classy:

Be Classy and Sexy at the same time in our Racer Back Bodycon

Be Classy and Sexy at the same time in our Racer Back Bodycon

This is a perfect dress for V'Day! Sexy yet not too Slutty, Classy yet not too Boring!

The racer-back spice up this dress!

I love the details at the shoulder area, it totally makes it more sexy!

If Mustard is too bold for you...

How's it in Nude?

Racer-Back Bodycon

Price: $22.90
Size: Fits UK 6-10, S-M
Product Code: BS001
– Colour: Mustard, Nude
– Collar-bone/Shoulder Area cut-out Detail
– Racer-Back
– Collar and Belt not Included

Be Quirky:

Be Quirky!

Tired of being the Sweet Girl? Here comes the Spiky one.

Loves the way how the sleeves are longer then the shirt

Cropped Long Sleeve Top

Price: $15.90
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
Product Code: BQ001
– Colour: Black and White Geometrical Lines
– Midly Cropped (You can pair it with high waist, low rise if you want to show a little of your tummy.)

Need a pair of shoes to spice up your quirkiness?

Duo Colour Flatforms

Price: $23.90
Size: Fits 35-36
Product Code: BQ003
– Colour: Black and White

Be totally Quirky and Fashion Forward in our Oversized Collar Dress!

Leather Collar Oversized

Price: $13.90
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
Product Code: BQ002
– Colour: Black Sleeves and Collar, Silver base
– Faux Leather Collar and Sleeves
– Great to pair with Stockings or Leather leggings for a quirky edgy look

Be Retro:

Polka Dot your way back to the 70s.

Retro is a never dying trend!

Love the Cut of the Collar!

Polka Dot Dress

Price: $15.90
Size: Fits UK6-10, S-M
Product Code: BR001
– Colour: Black Base and White Polka Dots
– Sheer (advise to wear a tank top dress inside, alternatively, pair it with a bustier top and stockings for a sexier look!)
– Collar Necklace and Belt not included

Spice up your style with our Pearl Collar Necklace!

Love the pearl details on the collar

 Pearl Collar Necklace

Price: $22
Product Code: BS002
– Colour: White
– Pearl Details

Thats all for this collection! Stay tuned as we will be launching our next collection VERY SOON!

Oops Girls


Went back office on Saturday to tie up some loose ends before heading out to have bigger fun. Time always fly when it is weekends. I reached office at 11am & before I knew it, it was almost 3pm (why this isn’t the case on weekdays huh?).

Work aside, I bought the shorts at BKK for SGD 5 only to realise it was too tight for my fat ass tighs. Hence, I did my very first DIY…which is to chop off part of the bottom. Amzingly enough, I am pretty happy of the final piece. 🙂

Yellow Blazer: Bugis street, Red tank: Cotton On, Jeans shorts: BKK


Oops! – Bizhi

Hey my dearest oopspiniors!

Here’s the long awaited post for the boys! (at least one of you must be waiting for it right… I hope.) so yes, unlike what I did the previous post, this time, I surveyed the girls!

Lucky for my guy friends who still constantly flirt with the xmm (aka xiaomeimei ), I got some insights to how they feel and what they want for vday! Seriously, there’s a difference between xmm’s expectation and.. Erhem, grown up ladies like myself. Hahahahhahahaha!

So attention to all the guys who go for xmm, here you go! You’re welcome.

I shall start with the xmms opinion! (disclaimer: please do not mind the sarcasm, I’m being sour.)

First interviewee: Miss girl who wants to be known as mort, 17, student, single.
She wish to receive a letter, depicting how the guy (yes you, if you are reading) fell for her. How sweet? And she wish to have surprises under her desk, (what?! Desk?! These are the long gone days man) erm.. The best part is, she didn’t specify what gift! Defeat the purpose of the interview right? Kla I appreciated your inputs miss Mort, it makes me recall my faded memories when I was still schooling…
*flash back to my secondary school days*
During valentine….. I can still remember…..
Okay fine. The thing is, I shall say.. During my schooling days, im rather… Unappealing? (I refuse to say unattractive) don’t have a pic but here’s my pri sch pic. Don’t laugh!

So, there were no instances where I receive any love letter or any romantic gifts under my desk. Probably lollipops and sweets where we exchange during vday with our friends but that’s it. I guess my lack of allure is what led to a blank memory of being courted or confessed to, unless you count a guy who SMS me to be his “steady” on the first day of school as being courted. (I wonder if you read this? Hi if you know who you are)

Okay so anyway, miss Mort, I hope you get the perfect gift from the guy you like this valentine! (I’m genuinely wishing you best of luck, not being sour I swear)

Second interviewee: Miss I don’t know who she is (interviewed my friend but he didn’t mention bout her name), 17, student (I presume), single.

She stated that she doesn’t want anything, just want to spend time with him. Head down to the theaters or to the beach for a stroll. Yes, you read that? A beach. Probably cause she is still single, because single women, or xmm, fantasizes about romantic beach strolls. Or maybe I’ve already outgrown this fantasy when I’m attached.
Don’t mind me (it’s fairly my opinion), but if you go beach strolling in Singapore, you will see dirty oily sea (if you’re at changi, pasir ris, or east coast beaches), dirty bottles and plastic bags, bake yourself in the scorching hot sun, feel all sweaty and sticky, romantic not? Oh I forgot, you can’t wear nice shoes, you will dirty them.
The only time I went to the beach (sentosa, thank god it’s better despite of the constructions they have) with my bf is to bring our dogs out. I won’t say it’s romantic, but it’s fun seeing our dogs being so happy.
Of course, movie is one of the key things to do in Singapore, but on vday? How innovative. But not to blame, if you are single and scoring a chance to watch movie with the person you like is good enough.
I guess movie is one of the most common, important and easiest for first date. Firstly, movie includes going for a meal (mostly before the show cuz you have to kill time), so you get to flirt and check his background during your meal, then, when it gets awkwardly topic less to chat, it’s time for movie. It will keep you guys accompanied while you don’t have to crack your brain to think of what to say. So I guess, I agree on miss I-don’t-know-who-she-is, movie and dinner ( not the beach part though) would be awesome if a guy wants to confess to the girl on a vday. I mean it’ll be weird after you confess right? So it’s time for movie where you all can sit in silence and get your thoughts straight, then after the movie you all can talk about the movie to minimize the awkward confession and then it’s time for the guy to send the girl home and VUALAA! You guys Might even score your first kiss with her.

Moving on, we will interview the young adults. Yours truly will be included too, thankyouverymuch.

Third interviewee: Miss BiZhi (who else right?) 22, attached

BiZhi, 22, Attached

Guess BiZhi is abit greedy as she wants a weekend getaway! Fully sponsored by bf I think, (at least that’s what I want too)! Lol! Who knows what naughty things will you all do. Hmmmmmmm. Well sk (Her bf), are you reading this? It’s time to plan a trip!

Fourth interviewee: Miss Samantha (wrote one of our post as a special guest, here) 21, attached

Samantha, 21, Attached

Well as cliche as it is, she wants a card. You might think, same as the xmm what, but you’re wrong. She demanded that the card should at least contain 200 words. So Mr bf of sam, don’t try to smoke your way through by writing “I love you” and that’s all. We girls erhem, young ladies are harder to pacify. I don’t think we are being too demanding, it’s just that we have different views and thinkings from xmm, not to blame the guys, I see why you all rather go for xmm.

Fift Interviewee: Miss Jane, 21, Single

Miss Jane, 21, Single

 Well, I would say hers is some sort dramatic, must be under the influence of those korean shows. As drama as it is, she wants the guy (preferably Lee DongHae) to fight with her, and she ran away and he chased after her, it started to rain and BAM. It’s time for the guy to confess. (Start kissing and camera spinning round and round) Well, it will NOT happen in Singapore!

Sixth Interviewee: Yours Truly, 21, Attached.

Bernice, 21, Attached to KyuHyun


Okay, as for me… What do I want? Hmmmm.. Shout out to BF, I want the new iPod Nano, iPod touch even better (the one with front and back camera). LOL! Which I know you won’t buy it. Actually, what I want strongly depends on which guy were to confess to me. Lets say if it’s KyuHyun, I’ll probably die at the sight of him standing infront of me.

WAHHHHHHHHHHHH. If he sings will be BEST. I’m so in love.

Or lets say…. Siwon!

To appear topless. TSK TSK TSK.

Okay, i shall stop fantasizing.

Best advice for you guys, GO GET THOSE GUYS FACE AND BODY and you wont have to do anything on Vday.

Oopspinion – Bernice (Don’t hate me for this post as there are no relevance to what to give on Vday. Sorry i got carried away)