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Dear all,


Going to meet friends to pub later, yay! Am a little early so I’ve decided to camwhore a little bit. Here goes!


Faux Leather Shorts

Love my Faux Leather shorts from Oopspinion!

Chiffon Flora Top

Chiffon Flora Top from Oopspinion. (Yet to launch!)
Faux Leather Shorts


Its fun to camwhore


I'm a camwhore like this.



Outfit Of The Night:

1) Flora Chiffon Top from Oopspinion (going to launch soon) – $23.90 You could pre-order from me if you like!

2) Faux Leather Shorts from Oopspinion -$22.90

Thats all! Don’t wanna be late. Bye all!




Dear friends!

Was out with my friend Charis and she introduced and recommended a few beauty products. Thus, I went to shop and BAM, unknowingly, I spent $53,70 on erm… 3 products! Will share later!

So since I’m going to blog about the beauty products I’ve bought, might as well share with you guys what I’ve been using so far right. Not that my complexion is fantastic or what, but I just thought the products are not bad.


My brother bought this cream for me, it’s mainly to hydrate super dry and sensitive skin. All along, my face was more prone to the oily side, but after I went to a dermatologist and used the acid serum thingy, my skin got super scaly and dry. So I started using this cream above and yeap, it’s super moisturizing. Dare not use it TOO often (say twice a day) cuz I’m afraid that my skin will be super oily. (it’s already back to its oily self now). Normally I’ll use this at night. Will rate this an 8 out of 10 cuz it’s super hydrating but its a little oily at times.


Just bought this cause Charis highly recommended it to me. Have yet to try it, but am gonna try it later (for a jog). All along in my 21 years of life, I’ve never use any sunblock on my face (except for little trips to the pool with samantha a few years back. used hers.) Then it strike to me one day when my colleague said, “the most important item to me is sunblock. In Singapore, you’ll die without Sunblock!” I took it with a pinch of salt as I thought I’m pretty fair, so I could afford to tan. But theeeeeen, she said “Oh. it’s not only for the whitening part. I swear by it cuz your skin will age super fast and it will develop dark spots if you don’t use sunblock.” TADAAAAAA. DARK SPOTS?! WRINKLY FACE?! NOOOOOO! Better safe then sorry. Must definitely protect my face in this merciless Singapore Sun.


Okay I’ve been using ZA for awhile, along with my Physiogel. Wasn’t totally impressed by it (like the bloggers (etc Xiaxue and Qiuqiu claimed) But nonetheless, it’s non oily and feels very refreshing when I put it. But I don’t see like my skin improving of any sort. So yeah, will rate this a 7.


This is the Sunblock I’ve bought, with the packaging on. It costs around $14.90 and I hope it’s good.


Okay here comes my main buy, it costs $19.90 (price varies depends on where you buy it, North point having sales at $17.90 but I didnt buy there) So anyway, Charis said that this can reduce eye bags! Eye bags are the main problem I’m facing, seriously, my puffy eyes and eye bags reduced the size of my eyes like hell. I can’t even smile nowadays as my eyebags will be bigger then my eyes -.- So yea, she said she’d been using it for 2 weeks and she can see the results. Not bad not bad, I hope it works on me too! Lets see, on the packaging, it claims to :

1) Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

2) Reduce dark circles

3) Reduce crow feet

4) Reduce Puffiness (PLEASE!!!! I NEED IT!)

5) Smoothe uneven texture and evens out the skin tone

6) Moisturize your eyes to reduce dryness (well, no need for this. my eyes are oily enough)

So yea, will definitely do a review soon. Hope it’s a good one!


No intention of buying this, but yeah. There’s SALES! Bought this limited edition (case plus Maybelline’s Mineral Pure.PACT plus a little foundation pouch) at only $19.90!!! OMG! $19.90 is like the price for the refill, so to say, I got a free case and pouch! Not bad right! Have yet to try Maybelline’s foundation before, but have always wanted to try their mineral series and it claim to be less harmful then the normal ones. Have always been using ZA, shall start using this soon and do a review about it! As usual, tempted by the marketing claims they put on their packaging, it says:

1) Breathable Coverage, smooth finish that will NEVER clog your pore. hmmm never?! LIAR!

2) More Hydrated Skin, 100% moisturizing micro-minneral pigments and other natural moisturizing agents hydrate your skin and refine fine lines.

3) Suitable for sensitive skin.

4) SPF 30!

And it has a shout out saying “Healthy Perfecting”! I can only say, stop exaggerating!


Have always been using SIMPLE’s product. Like cleansing, scrub and even mask. But the mask no use one lah. Feels the same aft using, so i threw mine away. But the toner is pretty good I guess. Though I have no idea how to define a good or bad toner. I mean all toner refreshes your skin right? And it doesn’t have much visible benefits right? So yea. I like it cause it’s refreshing and well, relatively reasonably priced. Bought it at around 7 or 8 plus, confirm less then 10 bucks lah. So I’ll rate this a 8/10.


Yea as I mentioned above, I’ll definitely do a review. This is how the eye cream looks like. It’s a small bottle, hopefully it can last up till 2-3 months?


Lastly, this is how the Maybelline Limited Edition pack looks like. Quite cute I guess. $19.90 cheap somemore. I like!

With that, I shall end my post. Hopefully all the claims that the products have are true (though I’m quite skeptical) So yea. Better skin everyone!


Hello my dearest Oopspiniors!

Here are the latest collections!

Photographer: Costa
Model: Bernice
Studio: Ink and Light (contact me if you need studio! I’ve got cheaper rates!)

Always wanted a Green Dress but is afriad if it's too loud? This one is just perfect! Subtle yet BOLD.

The flow of this dress brings out the feminism in you yet the print and cut adds a touch of edginess.

Dyed Chiffon Asymmetrical Dress

Price: $32.90
Product Code: B001
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
– Colour: Warm Brown), Cold (Green)
– Material: Chiffon
– Back Details: Cut out back with Gold Button

Collar is the style now. try VELVET COLLAR!

You can wear the top both ways!


Velvet Collar and Sleeves

Price: $22.90
Product Code: A001
Size: Fits UK6-10, S-M
– Colour: Red, White
– Material: Chiffon, Sheer (tube advisable)
– Velvet/Suede Collar and Sleeves

Snake Print Chiffon top and Leather Shorts. BEST COMBI you must have!

Snake Print Chiffon Top

Price: $21.90
Product Code: B002
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
Colour: Grey Snake Print
Material: Chiffon
Details: Shoulder Cut Out, Bat Sleeves

 Faux Leather Shorts

Price: $23.90
Product Code: B003
Size: UK6-8, UK10-12, UK14, S,M,L (Model Fits S)
– Colour: Black
– Material: Faux Leather
– Cut: Mid-Waist, Zipper at the side

Hands Down Comfortable yet not losing your feminism.

 Cotton Cut-Out Dress

Price: $23.90
Product Code: B004
Size: Fits UK6-10, S-M
– Colour: Black
– Material: Cotton (ultimate comfort!)
– Details: Shoulder Cut-Out



Safe colour yet bold cut. Stock it up for your wardrobe!

Asymmetrical Dress

Price: $29.90
Product Code: B005
Size: Fits UK6-12, S-L
– Colour: Red, Navy
– Material: Non-Sheer

Thats all FOLKS! Hope you like them! (Cuz I’ve already kept one of each designs for myself! Thats how much i love them!)

Oopspinion Girls


I stay around Novena area and for me to travel to extreme East is very, very, painful.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s camp is situated at Tampines. Like many couples, who is facing the cruel separation by NS, I travelled to his camp near-by and waited patiently for him to book out.

True to speak…I don’t usually to that lah.

It was a brunch date I had with him to The Coasta Settlementcafe that brought me there. TCS is sucha amazing place! The area is too huge to call it a cafe but it gives to a very warmth and cosy feeling, which restaurants can never provide you with.

Homely feel I felt when looking across the dinning area

Indulge in a cuppa hot chocolate, will ya?

Pictures of our orders that will make you drool…

Mushroom Beef Pizza, didnt expect it to be so yummy!

Never under estimate this plate of chick wings! The sour-spicy sauce and the crispy wings go so well together.

Awwww...that's my dessert.

Burppp! Oops, excuse me.

The place is a great spot to take pretty photos too! Saw a blogshop having their shoot and didnt realise it’s Love & Bravery!

Peep into their lookbook here, many pretty pictures!

Have no idea where to explore during the weekends? Why not try Coasta Settlement?




Hello my dear friends!

Sorry for not blogging recently, was too busy.. Finally, on a public holiday, Bizhi and I are going to meet our suppliers to get new stocks!

Excited much?! So heres out outfit today.

Anyway, I’ve just dyed my hair and would like to take this chance to Camwhore a bit. Heee!


All photos taken by Bizhi’s phone. She has a wonderful App that can adjust the lighting and changes the contrast. Like Wow only! She said she will blog about it by next weekend (far away I know-.-)!

Meanwhile, do anticipate our next launch!


Happy happy holiday,

Bernice ^^