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Getting all the necessary for Picnic!

Saw  this uncle in sucha cute outfit, shopping very seriously.

Sigh, Sunday is coming to an end in few hours. How I wish my weekends are never ending (Isn’t that everyone’s dream?)!

Went to Carrefour to get all the necessary for our picnic date this late afternoon. Surviving without boyfriend is getting easy with my girlfriends around.

Had a fantabulous time with the food, jokes and reminiscing the good o’ days we had in school 🙂

I enjoyed my Sun, hope you too!



Just had the hardest goodbye with my boyfriend. The three weeks he’s in Brunei, i promise to turn into a tougher girl. I have no idea why am i so emontional, but the last hug we shared was definitely the source of my strings of tears now.

Departure is the worst invention ever. NS is the second.

Sob sob,

Forgive what I’ve sinned. I shall not indulge in that much and  fried and oily food anymore. I will not let myself go.

Saw my disgusting tummy and nauseating fat thighs along with my gigantic flabby arms today, (yea, all of a sudden) and realized I’ve not been exercising for almost 2 weeks. My excuse? No time.

From now on, I need to really get my lazy ass off the couch (its been really hard thanks to “Running Man” and “Love Rain”) and sweat out some fats before I’m incorrigible.

Promised Cia the other day that “I will not let myself go” after seeing some gone cases of ex-friends of ours.

Need to pen it down to gather my thoughts and motivation. Please do motivate me to exercise k, whoever that’s reading this.


Met up with Alicia (again aft eon years) and we went impromptu shopping! Heeee! Went Cityhall for lunch then off to Bugis for… hmmm… “Wo Ai Tai Mei”‘s bubble tea.

“Lets go bugis for “wo ai tai mei” bubble tea. ” said my long lost friend, as if she’d been a fan for it for long, which I happily agreed to it as if I’m a fan of it. Best part is, IT’S OUR FIRST TIME.

So with my new camera, we started camwhoring with one of the “beauty shot” app on my camera. (yes, i’ve got apps on my camera, cool or what?)

ps: its all me as cia refused to appear on my blog. LOL!





Squeezing into the packed Bugis St.


Alicia “Hey B! Turn around and try to look candid pls!”


Don’t know why my night shot sucks. All cant focus. BLAH.


Our Virgin Cups.







Am so annoyed right now. Cuz I swear I’ve edited every single picture by rotating it al, BUT ITS STILL LIKE THAT!!!

Ps: Cia, see i told you i hate to take the portrait mode cuz of this!

Too lazy to rotate it al. Bye all!

So last night before I fell asleep, a paralyzing thought came to me. “I WANT TO SNAP MY HAIR SHORT” so I woke up feeling the need to do something to my unkempt hair.

Bugged my aunt to cut it for me, the perks for having an aunt that’s a hair stylist:) in the morning and here goes! Not a drastic change cuz she refused to cut away all my permed hair as she thought it was nice. Used my Samsung DV300F and I would say I LOVE IT! I played around with the effects and beauty tools so here goes.

Warning: Am totally bare-faced with no make up whatsoever, brace yourself. (not THAT bad thanks to my Samsung DV300F)


Apologies for the horrendous eyebags that I woke up from.

Hair all frizzy. BLAH.




Don’t mind all the Frizz but I kinda like the haircolour under the sun. Not like I dyed my hair today but yeah, I feel lighter and less BALD. Despite all my friends who warned me not to cut bags, I DID!

ps: Can’t wait to style up my hair when I head out with Cia tmr. (Y)


Love my vampire diaries inspired rings and necklace!

Sunday was a bore. Headed over to SimLim square as I bought a Samsung DV300F the day before and realized the front LCD got a huge crack. SWELL.. So yea. Dropped by to do a quick exchange and charges home again for my Vampire Diaries Marathon.

Testing my new camera.

Never mind the wrong settings of date and time.

Love my vampire diaries inspired rings and necklace!

Top: Flora Print (love the prints and colours!) from NewLook.
Shorts: Denim Cut-Out shorts from… My mommy’s jeans where I mercilessly cut! Cost me tons of nagging from her after she found out.
Belt: Red w/ gold buckle from little pushcarts at Pioneer Mall. – $8
Locket: Doesn’t it look like the one in Vampire Diaries where they put vervain in it? it’s from Cotton On.
Rings: 1 from Cotton On, the other gifted from Auntie.
Bag: Got it since Secondary school days and found it recently. Retro look! From.. erm… Don’t judge me, INK.
Shoes from City Plaza – $18


Good weekend everybirdie! Went to my friend’s solemnisation (so difficult to spell!) on Saturday and it was a … pretty happening one. While the solemnisator was spelling out the names of the newly wed, the sky threatened to rain. The venue was unsheltered unfortunately. Nevertheless, the couple managed to sign on the paper before the unforgivable rain started to pour in. The event got a little wet but not the mood I guess, everyone was still happily taking photos with the couple and me too, left with a heart filled with all the blessing for them.

Guess where was I?

Was at my neighbour house. LOLS! They were doing renovating and I found inspiration there. Wahaha! Green and blue do stand out, no?

Dress from Amber Avenue, $39.90, Bracelets and head band from Cotton on, $5 and $7.90 respectively, Shoes from Shu (rythme isn’t?), Red envelope bag from Oopspinon