Monthly Archives: July 2012

Dear readers!

I’m so so sorry for not blogging for more then a month! Am too busy with work, alright, this shouldn’t be an excuse for my laziness. But recently, I’ve changed so much!

First of all, I’ve snapped my long permed hair away, and dyed it black. yucks i know. But here you go. Crash course of what I did in the past month.

Hair Gone.

See how short it is!

Sam and I

Girls just being us girls.

Super tight jeans for the win.




Top: F21 Basic in Blue
Bottom: Cheap Mondays Super Slim
Shoes: Dr Martens – Classic
Accesories: Scarf from NewLook
Bag: Porter

Somebody conveniently camwhored with my Cam.

Day out with the Birthday girl!

Sentosa on a Sunday. Smart choice.