People Change. For the better or worst.

Dear Friends,

It has been long since I last blogged (yeah, this line actually do sound familiar) and I was creeped out by my previous blog entries.

Life hasn’t been all sugary for me lately, but I would say, I’ve made a few drastic changes. Life likewise.

As “intellectual” as I am, (erhem.) I’ve been reading some books and thought I should share it with you guys.

Finally read “50 Shades of Grey” and I would say, I’m not a fan of it. People around me (namely Bizhi and Jane) were quite crazy over it, and I thought I should give it a try. But sadly, I’m still stucked at the first sequel (3/4) and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I thought I was the least prude out of the gang, but guess what, this book is too crude for me!

What I really recommend is this book called “The Blue Notebook” and it is inspired by a true story. Yes, it is about sex too, but this is the disturbingly sad kind. It is about child sex slavery. Wouldn’t want to spoil much, but here’s the gist of it.

It is a journal of this girl, name Batuk from India, and she was sold to her so called uncle at a tender age of 9, by her own father. Her uncle then dumped her to the child slavery slum after selling her virginity. She was then further abused sexually in the slum and one day, she was sent to the “Street of Cages” where she was locked up in row of rooms while waiting for her patrons to visit her for sexual pleasure. Later in the story, she was picked up by a rich man to live in a hotel, where she continued being abused by her buyer’s son. She was “hired” to teach the son how to make love, where she addressed as ‘baking sweet cakes’.

The ending is heartbreaking and I really recommened this book!



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