on s’amuse Paris

Bonjour lovelies!

With only two hours of sleep, I am determined to explore (erhem, shopping malls?) Paris!


First day was rather short as we only get half a day and we are all determined to shop. (It’s Paris, don’t you judge.)

So we managed to cover the famous shopping mall LAFAYETTE and famous st CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES.


The infamous LV flagship store. Was sooooo tempted to get a bag there but I promised myself not more than a bag per trip. Ahahhaha!

So…. I did a few research and set my eyes on the…..

YSL belle de jour clutch

Was very very tempted to get it in this color



But they are left with the black, camel, red and pink. Am glad they made a choice for me.

I’m loving my new clutch!


Okay, so the first day ended with us having mussels and fries for dinner and watching the Eiffel Tower bling at night.


We couldn’t even buck up the energy to take a train back. Ended up taking a cab, quite an experiencing trying to converse with the cab driver in my fake French.

So, the next day was very fruitful as I managed to meet my friend Rena and her friends for picnic which I blogged in the previous post while she joined my friends and I in the morning to explore Paris!

Was a little disappointed that I didn’t have enough time to go to the lovers bridge, well, not that I have one anyway.

Okay, to start off the day, we have to have a camwhoring picture In the hotel room don’t we.

Oh god, my face is so bloated.

First stop, the SACRED HEART for breakfast. (Well, second breakfast considering the fact that I had mine in the hotel already)

After that, we took off to exploreeeeeee…. First stop, (which I pretend it to be the ‘now you see me’ merry go round.)


Warning, most of the pictures contain one leg-kicked-up-pose as we are pretentious like that.







We are at the top of Paris!

Went into the church and made a prayer while lighting the candle, we followed the rules of no photo taking so no pictures.

Next stop, Moulin Rouge!

Oh, while on the way there, stop by this famous st.


And spent 20 euros on a self portrait that doesn’t look like me.


And while everyone got themselves ice-cream, I got…


Okay…. Finally………



Berilyn Monroe.
Thank got its wind and not steam.

That’s our last stop before picnic and well, girls being girls, random selfies time.


Shall end this post with love.


Ciao Bella!


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