Picnic like a Parisian.

I know it has been ages since I last blogged, (already a year has past!) reason was pure laziness.

It has been a fun and eye opening year for me and Im leading an almost completely different lifestyle compared to a year ago. Some of the posts shocked me and it made me shudder when I saw how I looked then.

Enough of the boring introduction and time for the real treat. I’ve decided to log down my travel experiences here so that a year later, I could judge what I am doing presently.

As passionately as I can be, I’ve yet to sleep after touching down from Paris (I know right) and insisted that I finish this blog entry.

A short trip to Paris.

In total, I spent 2 days in Paris. Spent the first day shopping and the next sight seeing and picnic-ing.


Went to the Eiffel Tower with my batch girl and her colleagues. It was fun in a chilly way, (literally chilly).


Look at the amount of food we had! It made me want to picnic around the world!


The majestic view of the Eiffel Tower in the day.



You can’t blame me for camwhoring, it’s Paris!






Tried taking artsy picture.


Dearest readers,



Trying my app, what a failed attempt editing.

I would say, the place is awesome, but the most important part is the company. I’m so glad to meet my friend in Paris.

Paris is really a damn romantic place, being there made me want to be recklessly in love, Stopping by every old buildings kissing while the sun set.

Talking about sun setting, we waited for the sun to set to see the Eiffel Tower lighted up.


The majestic view of the tower at night.



Intend to *jumpshot* in every country.

Shall end this post here. Will blog about my shopping and trip to the sacred heart and Moulin rouge in the next post.

Ps: pardon my rusty blogging skills.

Au revoir!
-oops B


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