Sunday like a Londoner.

Good day everyone!

Greetings from London. Finally got to London after slogging for the past 15 hours!

This time, I got to meet a bunch of wonderful girls and we had a crazy time at Burger and Lobster. One down side of the trip: ALL THE SHOPS ARE CLOSED SO EARLY ON A SUNDAY! Failed Zara, Newlook, Topshop and Primark-ing today.

Cabbed all the way downtown just to try the infamous Burger Lobster in London. Well, not damn fantastic, but its not bad.


While waiting for our table, (which took us 45 minutes bytheway).

Would say its rather stressful having your meal there as the staff aren’t exactly very free to assist you. But oh well, nonetheless, as Asians, we ain’t afraid to make them help us take pictures.




Take for today, it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you go with that defines your trip.

Thank you girls!

As usual, bimbotic B needs her outfitoftheday. Hahahahahahaha.



Top: wine laced bottom tank top from modparade
Bottom: v-line crochet skirt from a very cool store in bugis st that sells very blog shop stuff
Shoes: cut-out oxfords from random store
Socks: polka dots with ribbon from random store in Japan
Clutch: YSL belle de jour in black
Watch: G-shock
Cardigan: knitted kimono cardi from random shop I can’t rmb.

We actually headed back to hotel after dinner. I know, what a boring post.

So I shall bombarded you with my random selfies.


And yes, I’m that bored.


Good day everyone!

Your fake Londoner,




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