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Dear all,

Realized this post is stuck in my drafts. So i shall post it up.

After ten days and 3 tiring flights later, I’m back in London!

This time, I’ve decided to spend a full day by myself. Woke up 3am in the morning jet lagged, I’ve decided to plan my eventful day.

Headed to gym after a hearty breakfast, jogged around the hotel while taking in all the scenic views. Well, not bragging but everyone was in jackets and boots while I’m clad in tank top and tights. Ended up becoming the center of attention wherever I jogged.

After that, I went back to wash up and is all ready to blend in with the locals.

I used to not really appreciate London, (spent most of the time eating and shopping) until right now. I’ve stopped joining others for shopping (that often tires me cause of all the waiting), and instead, this time round, I got lost alone, shopped alone, ate alone, jogged alone, and chilled alone in Starbucks.

Right now, I’m actually blogging in Starbucks in town. weather is awesome here! Gloomy as usual, chilly, and best part of all, it didn’t rain!

So, all the alone time got me thinking about my future. And finally, I’ve decided to further my studies in Kaplan – University of Mudoch, majoring in MARKETING. Was torn between single major, Marketing, or double major, Hopspitality and events with Marketing. Enough of procrastination! Am gonna get myself enrolled for the next trimester.

Okay, enough said. I bought super lots of interesting and useful goodies in London and I’ll be sharing it in my next post!

ps: the caramel frappacino is so sweet here!

Signing off,
Asian in London.