The Born of Oopspinion

One fine day, two young ladies came together with a common dream to take on the world. With an Ohhh-pinion in mind, sharp fashion sense and a little dash of stardust, Oopsinion was born!

Many moons ago, we started from a humble, blogging platform which provides you with smart advice on fashion (erhem, cheap fashion), clothes and everything nice, to an affordable blogshop, today. Trend changes, Fashion evolves but one thing remains constant – Our firm belief that you dont have to pay to look like a million bucks! We bring affordable fashion to you.

Oopspinion is also about sharing your opinions and having a voice. We have shared ours and its time you let yourself be heard!

Mission Statement

Aren’t you tired of reading high-end fashion blogs that is so hard to relate? Ain’t it sad to see all the nice clothes those Hollywood stars wear yet you can’t buy it? Well, Oopspinion is not just a blog dedicate to fashion, we are dedicated to make Hollywood fashion affordable! Everyone deserves a chance to dress up like a star, and we will make it affordable by hunting down all the streets and alleys in Singapore for you!

Be seen, be heard, be an Oopspinior!

Reach Us:

You can contact us via E-MAIL/WHATSAPP ( 81684136/81014581) 



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