(I find myself keep coming back here, not wanting to let this blog to die.

Work is busy and gratifying (when I received my paycheck, of course) at the same time. Work aside, I have decided to keep this blog updated, to have this tiny space to keep track of my life, periodically. haha! )

When was the last time you picked up a book? Christian & Ana were keeping me busy back then when boyfriend was out in Thailand for a month.

“All the best stories in the world are but one story in reality — the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.” – Arthur Christopher Benson




This blog is dying….I know.

So i came up with this post which I took at my backyard. I was trying to name this post around ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Backyard Summer’, ‘Peek into someone’s backyard’ or something along the line. Then I realised all these names are to flowery. So I go back to the basic.

I just want to show you one of the outfits I wore to office & because of our blogshop, I am more colour daring this summer.ImageImageImageImageImage

Till then, bye!

Bi Zhi

Dear readers!

I’m so so sorry for not blogging for more then a month! Am too busy with work, alright, this shouldn’t be an excuse for my laziness. But recently, I’ve changed so much!

First of all, I’ve snapped my long permed hair away, and dyed it black. yucks i know. But here you go. Crash course of what I did in the past month.

Hair Gone.

See how short it is!

Sam and I

Girls just being us girls.

Super tight jeans for the win.




Top: F21 Basic in Blue
Bottom: Cheap Mondays Super Slim
Shoes: Dr Martens – Classic
Accesories: Scarf from NewLook
Bag: Porter

Somebody conveniently camwhored with my Cam.

Day out with the Birthday girl!

Sentosa on a Sunday. Smart choice.




I hope you could be fairer to those who are struggling to make a choice, or to live better. Tnight, im going bed with a heavy heart. I am so fortunate to encounter so many good compainion and opportunities in life, what bout her?

Dear life, please shed some light to me tnight.

W Heavy heart,
Bi zhi

2 weeks have passed and soon enough, boyfriend will be back home! I had more time to myself and family during the past weeks without him (but definitely miss him). I read excessively and went to explore new places with Erjie. Bugis Illuma is now called bugis + with exciting new stores opening!

It’s now the mini Ion I would say, Bershka has opened, so does New Look. I cant wait for Shephora to start the operation! Garden prints outfits are everywhere and I so much wanted to buy one but am afraid I would look aunty in one. Then again, the fashion scene is boring because we’re too held back to try out new pieces.

Not only boyfriend is gone, Bernice is off to be a cabin crew, leaving Oopspinion in hiatus now.

Having my full time job to handle, I really appreciate Bernice more than ever now. She was always the coordinator (because I always procrastinate) and free model (of coz!). Oopsinion is our dream and neither of us will want to see it going down. It may be in an inactive mode, but soon, soon enough, new collection will be launched again (hope I will be able to handle!).

Anyone keen to be model? Drop me an email to with your blog url k!

Hear all of you again in a week’s time!

Bi Zhi

Hey people! Headed down to the MOE at bouna vista to collect my o’ lvl cert that i lost. YEA HOW DUMB. And surprisingly, people there are actually… kind and nice. Yea.

Here’s the outfit:


A clash of colours and prints.

Oversized Blacer gifted from Bizhi

My fav flora chiffon shirt!

Best Friend Forever ring gifted from Samantha. Bought from Diva and the fun part is, it changes colours to different temperature!

Shoes from NewLook